The Teenage Monologues.

Tape #7: Unannounced House Guest.

Jennifer paces back and forth in the garage as Nicki sits and tones the strings of her guitar. She watches Jennifer grow frustrated as time passes. Jennifer huffs and stops pacing, now looking at Nicki.

Jennifer: Is he seriously gonna do this?

Nicki: Maybe something happened at home, Pep. You know Milo is usually the first at practice anyway.

Jennifer: Yeah, which pisses me off even more since we have a show in less than a week!

Jennifer takes out her phone and flips it open. She sucks her teeth as she closes her phone ; she puts it back in her pocket.

Jennifer: He’s not even signed on AIM.

Nicki: He’ll be here; this is literally his band–

Jennifer: *annoyed* OUR band.

Nicki: You now what I mean. Seriously, Pep; you and Milo really need to have a conversation and work whatever issues you guys are having. You’re supposed to be best friends.

Jennifer: Yeah, well he’s acting like a real asshole lately, and I don’t appreciate it.

Shortly after, Milo walks into the garage; the girls look at him as he walks to his spot and begins to et up without saying a word. Jennifer rolls her eyes and gets into position as well.

Nicki: *to Milo* Are you okay, Milo?

Milo: I’m fine.

He continues to set up his guitar; no one says anything back. He turns back around once he is finished setting up to look at the girls.

Milo: So, we’re gonna start off our set with “Get What I Want”, then our intro and then we’re going to play something new I wrote-

Jennifer: Something new? Dude the show is literally in a week; we don’t have time to learn a new song.

Milo: Yeah, we can, it doesn’t have any vocals.

Jennifer scrunches her eyebrows; she’s pissed. Nicki tries to intervene before Jennifer can say or do anything.

Nicki: Alright, I’m tired of you two fighting like this! *to Milo* You need to stop being a dick to Pep just because she doesn’t hate Danny. I get that you’e just trying to be a good friend and protect her, but in the long run all you’re doing is hurting your friend.

Nicki turns to face Jennifer.

Nicki: You need to stop being so defensive and just talk to Milo! You snapping at him is just going to ruin the friendship! Both of you need to cut it out and speak like actual human beings for once in your life!

Both Milo and Jennifer don’t say anything, but they look uneasy. They both know that Nicki is right. They look at each other.

Milo: *sighs* Nicki’s right, Pep. We’re supposed to be best friends and we haven’t been acting like it. But you must understand that I didn’t trust Danny after everything he did to you last year. I just don’t want you getting hurt or anything.

Jennifer: I get it, but you have to trust me, and I feel like you don’t.

Milo: I trust you, but I don’t trust him.

Jennifer crosses her arms across her chest. Milo sighs.

Milo: I’m sorry for hurting your feelings, Pep. That wasn’t because I was mad at you; I was just mad at the situation.

Jennifer: I’m sorry for being defensive and for not letting you voice out your opinion. I just felt attacked whenever you would shut any idea of mine down and, like, I know this is still a weird topic but I really do think Danny would fit right in with the band.

Milo doesn’t say anything back. Nicki turns her head toward Milo.

Nicki: Milo, are you willing to give Danny a chance by auditioning for the band? Remember that this is our band and if Pep feels like someone would be a good fit, then we should see it through.

Milo doesn’t say anything back right away.

Nicki: Milo?

Milo: Fine, he can audition for the band. But that doesn’t mean he’s automatically in it. He has to audition like anyone else.

Jennifer: That’s fine by me.

Nicki: *to Jennifer* Pep, are you willing to listen to Milo and his concerns not because he doesn’t think you’re capable of making good decisions or anything, but because he is trying to protect his best friend from any danger?

Jennifer nods her head. Nicki smiles.

Nicki: Awesome! So now can we finally have like 15 minutes f rehearsal before Mrs. Castro kicks us out?

The friends laugh and go into their positions to begin the rehearsal.

Jennifer: Alright! 1! 2! 3!

Before the trio begins to play, Jennifer’s mom is heard calling out her name.

Lydia: Jennifer!

Jennifer rolls her eyes and huffs. She walks out of the garage with Milo and Nicki, heading to the main part of the house.

Jennifer: Mom, it’s not even 5 o’clock yet, we have at least–

Jennifer stops at the doorway going into the kitchen; Milo and Nicki stop behind her. Lydia looks at Jennifer, but Jennifer is looking at the stranger sitting at the dining room table.

Lydia: Pep, I told you that we were having company over and that you would have to reschedule your band practice.

Jennifer: I don’t remember you telling me that.

Lydia: I told you on Friday before you went out–

Jennifer: Who is that?

Jennifer points at the stranger at the table; her eyes cannot stop looking at the man. The man gets up from his seat slowly and walks towards Lydia. Jennifer’s eyes widen as Milo and Nicki stand back, watching the interaction happen.

Lydia: Pep, I want you to meet someone…

Lydia smiles up at the man, who smiles back at her. He turns his head towards Jennifer.

Lydia: This is Justin.

The man puts his hand out to shake Jennifer’s hand.

Justin: Hi, Jennifer.

Jennifer stands there for a slight moment before she runs out of the kitchen. Milo and Nicki follow her.

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