y2katalogue: The Tapes

Tape #6: Me Against My Best Friends.

The bell rings and students begin to exit their classrooms and walk through the halls. Milo leaves his classroom and walks by himself to his locker. Before he opens his locker, he sees Jennifer walk pass him without acknowledging his presence. Milo sighs and calls out for her.

Milo: Pep!

Jennifer stops walking for a slight moment but then begins to walk away from Milo. Milo runs after her to catch up to her.

Milo: Pep! Wait–

Jennifer: *turns around, annoyed* What do you want, Milo?

Milo: Can we just talk?

Jennifer: About what? How you were being a dick at practice the other day?

Milo: You were literally trying to bring a douchebag into our band–

Jennifer: So you say something horrible about your friend instead?

Milo: *annoyed* You said that he was the better musician!

Jennifer: *louder* So you talk shit about my dancing skills?

Milo: Yeah, because you talked shit about my music skills!

The two friends bicker in the middle of the hallway until Jennifer sees Nicki pass by. Jennifer turns around and tries to get Nicki’s attention.

Jennifer: Nicki!

Nicki doesn’t answer back, she continues walking down the hall; Jennifer and Milo both follow her.

Jennifer: Hello? Nicki?

Nicki: *turns around* What do you want Pep?

Jennifer: Can you tell Milo that he’s wrong for saying what he said to me at practice the other day?

Nicki: Just how you were wrong for what you did at the pool place?

Milo looks confused, but Jennifer looks offended at Nicki’s comment.

Jennifer: What?

Nicki: I told you it was going to be a girl’s night, and you tell Danny behind my back to tag along?

Milo: Wait, what?!

Jennifer: *to Nicki* You wanted to hang out with him, I just got you guys in the same room finally!

Nicki: Who asked you to do that? I just wanted to hang out with you after what happened at practice and–

Jennifer: I don’t know why you’re mad at me, you and Danny ditched me at the pool place anyway!

Nicki: I left because you were so into playing with Danny!

Jennifer: And he left when you left!

Milo: *loud* Guys!

The two girls stop talking to each other and look at Milo. Milo wears a confused look on his face.

Milo: You guys went out, and Jennifer brought Danny along?

Jennifer: *tempered* This has nothing to do with you, Milo!

Milo: *to Nicki* Nic?

Jennifer: Can’t you mind your own damn business, dude?!

Nicki nods her head to Milo’s question.

Nicki: Literally wasn’t even bothered that she invited someone that should’t have been there.

Jennifer: Why are you both gaining up on me? I’m sorry that I was able to get Danny in the same room as you since you would never do it!

Nicki: I never wanted your help, Pep! Any chance I had with Danny is now ruined because you decided you were going to play matchmaker!

Suddenly, a boy passes by the group of friends and stops at Nicki. She turns around and widens her eyes; it’s Danny. Jennifer watches on as Milo grows angry.

Danny: Hey, Nicki.

Nicki: *nervous* H-hi, Danny.

Danny: It was fun hanging out with you the other night. I was wondering if maybe you wanted to grab a slice or something after school?

Nicki is taken aback. She doesn’t answer right away, but the expression of nervousness is replaced with a smile.

Nicki: Sure.

Danny: *smiles* Awesome. I’ll meet you at your locker. 327, right?

Nicki nods her head. Danny puts his hand on on nicki’s shoulder and walks away from the group. Nicki slowly turns around and looks at Jennifer and Milo.

Nicki: Di-did he just ask me to hag out with him after school?

Jennifer gets giddy and smiles wide; Milo is not amused.

Nicki: I’m sorry for blaming you for Friday! I really thought he didn’t want anything to do with me after that night.

Jennifer: Apology accepted, just know I always do things with good intentions, and it looks like my matchmaking skills are still considered the best!

Jennifer turns around to face Milo.

Jennifer: You got a crush on a girl you need me to set you up with?

Milo takes a moment to answer . He’s annoyed at the confidence Jennifer has after learning that Danny and Nicki are going to hang out with each other. He just looks at Jennifer, but says something when Jennifer waits for his answer.

Milo: I’m good; I don’t need you to hook me with Diaa or someone just as bad as Danny.

Milo walks away from the teo girls, upset at the whole situation with Nicki and Danny. Jennnifer stands there, stunned at the hurtful answer Milo just threw at her. Milo walks back to his locker and opens it, not realizing that there was someone in the middle of passing. He hits the person with his locker, immediately trying to help the person from the ground.

Milo: I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you pass–

He looks up and sees the black, stringy long hair cover the person’s face. The girl brushes away her hair from her face, not answering Milo back. Milo realizes it’s the same girl that he bumped into in his class the tower day. He doesn’t remember her name, and doesn’t want to mistaken her with another name. The girl grabs her things and continues to walk down the hall. Milo rolls his eyes, annoyed that the girl didn’t even say anything about his apology.

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