y2katalogue: The Tapes

Tape #4: GNO, you know?

Jennifer slams her locker shut after grabbing the books she needs for her next class. Nicki looks at herself in the mirror in her locker, checking her hair and straightening out her outfit.

Jennifer: I really can’t believe Milo said that in practice yesterday like I swear he thinks he’s better than everyone just because he’s a dual major.

Nicki: I don’t think he meant it, Pep. I think he was just upset about what you said about Danny.

Jennifer rolls her eyes at Nicki’s response.

Jennifer: That still doesn’t give him the right to say what he said. He can be a real asshole sometimes–

Nicki closes her locker.

Nicki: Pep, you know you and Milo are one and the same. He hurts, you, and you hurt him back. You’ve both been this way forever.

Jennifer: Well he took it too far. Milo’s in that band class with him; he should put aside his feelings and actually see that Danny is a good fit for the band.

Nicki doesn’t say anything back, but in the middle of the girl’s conversation, a group of girls walks in between Nicki and Jennifer, interrupting their conversation.

Diana: You should really not be in people’s way.

Pepper: And you should really not be a total bitch, Lopez.

Diana turns around, followed by her posse of girls. She looks directly at Jennifer.

Diana: You’re not worth arguing with today, Castro.

Jennifer: You’re not worth it, period.

Diana: At least I’m not known as the school’s slut; you should really know the people that you hook up with better.

Jennifer lunges towards Diana, but Nicki holds her back.

Nicki: Pep, no!

Diana: *laughs* Tell Danny I said hi.

Diana turns back around and walks away from the two girls. Once they are out of sight, Nicki lets Jennifer go. She turns around to face Nicki, frustrated at her.

Jennifer: Why would you hold me back for?!

Nicki: Pep, you can’t afford to get in trouble again this year! One more incident and you can get kicked out of Waverly!

Jennifer: *annoyed* I don’t care! That bitch has made my life a living hell since the 7th grade.

Nicki: That’s because you let her do that.

Nicki puts her arm around Jennifer and starts to walk down the hall together.

Nicki: How about we do something tonight? Like a GNO, you know?

Jennifer: GNO?

Nicki: A girl’s night out?

Jennifer stops in front of her classroom and looks at Nicki before entering.

Nicki: Come on! We can go to the pool place ad play a couple of rounds of table tennis.

Jennifer is a little hesitant to answer back to Nicki’s plans. Before she can even say anything back, her eyes lock on Milo, who is walking down the hall and towards the same classroom that Jennifer is standing in front of. Without even looking in her direction, Milo walks past Jennifer and into the classroom. It hurts her a little.

Jennifer: Sure, why not? I’ll meet you there at 5 today.

Nicki smiles and jumps up excitedly. She says bye to Jennifer and runs down the hall to your next class. Jennifer’s smile fades as she enters the classroom. She walks to her seat and sits down; she just so happens to sit in the seat in front of Milo. They don’t say anything to each other. Moments later, Danny enters the classroom with his friends, walking towards their desks in the back. Jennifer watches Danny go to his seat; Milo rolls his eyes.

The bell rings and the students in the class pack their things to leave. As Jennifer puts her books back into her bag, she sees Milo walk past her desk, without even looking at her. This makes Jennifer angry. She quickly looks over at Danny, putting his books away before leaving the class. She gets up from her desk and walks over to Danny.

Jennifer: Hey, Danny!

Danny looks up and sees Jennifer standing there. He gives a tight smile before saying anything back.

Danny: Hi, Jennifer. What’s up?

Jennifer: This might be random, but whatcha doing tonight?

Danny cocks up an eyebrow, confused at what Jennifer’s getting at.

Danny: I don’t know, why?

Jennifer: Me and Nicki are going to be at the billiards place tonight. It would be cool if you came along to hang out with us.

Danny: *nervous* Nicki?

Jennifer flashes a smile and crosses her arms. Danny shakes his head and continues to pack his bookbag.

Danny: I don’t think that would be a good idea…

Jennifer: Why not?

Danny stops what he’s doing and finally faces Jennifer with his whole body.

Danny: I don’t think it would be cool if I went out to hang with a girl I hooked up with and her best friend–

Jennifer: –that you also like.

Danny is taken aback by Jennifer’s blunt response.

Danny: I’ll pass.

As Danny begins to walk away, Jennifer stops him in his tracks.

Jennifer: Wait!

She looks up at Danny, who is still trying to get past her.

Jennifer: Look, the past is the past and we can’t change what happened!

Danny: I don’t understand why you’re pushing this so hard.

Jennifer: Because I think you and Nicki would make a cute couple, and–

Danny starts to laugh, which makes Jennifer stop what she’s saying. She’s annoyed that Danny is laughing.

Jennifer: What the fuck is so funny?

Danny: Jennifer, I treated you like shit last year. Literally hooked up with you for a bet. You can’t believe that I’m seriously a right fit for your best friend?

Jennifer: I know you like Nicki–

Danny: So what?

Silence fills the air between the two teens. Danny shuts his eyes, knowing that he just admitted to liking Nicki.

Danny: It doesn’t matter. I doubt Nicki is comfortable wanting to hang out with a guy that hurt her best friend–

Jennifer: Dude, you gotta stop acting like I’m still hurt about what happened. I’m over it!

Danny: *angry* Yeah, well maybe I’m not.

Jennifer doesn’t respond. Danny takes in a deep breath and exhales.

Danny: I gotta go. See you around, Jennifer.

Danny walks away from Jennifer, and she exits the classroom once Danny does.

Outside the classroom, Milo is seen closing the door of his locker once seeing Danny leave the class, followed by Jennifer. Milo isn’t happy that Jennifer is now having secret meetings with Danny.

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