LFL's Anniversary Blogging Celebration!

28 Things That Happened/I Learned While Being 28.

Things That Happened:

  1. I spent the new year with my mentor, Ro, and her husband during the day.
  2. I left my bookstore job and got a new job at the Registrar’s Office at my old college.
  3. Victon made three comebacks this year with their Time Trilogy!
  4. I went to my first ever paint-and-sip with my family!
  5. I went to see The Game Grumps Live in NYC during the summer.
  6. Our senior cat, Babygirl, passed away.
  7. We then adopted two boy kittens; Porkchop and ShyGuy.
  8. I’ve dyed my hair more times than I can count this year.
  9. I’ve gotten a total of 5 new tattoos in 2022.
  10. I’ve gotten closer to my long-distance friends through pen-pal writing.
  11. I spent my summer walking throughout my neighborhood for miles on end.
  12. I went to see Demi Lovato on her NYC stop for her HOLY FVCK Tour in October.
  13. I had COVID for the first time since the pandemic started in 2020.
  14. I’ve lost 120 pounds since having surgery in July 2021.

Things I’ve Learned:

  1. Spend time with people that literally support and celebrate your journey.
  2. Some chapters need to end in order for new ones to start, no matter how unprepared you are.
  3. Some things just never change.
  4. Trying new things makes for the best story-telling in the future.
  5. Do things on your own time and don’t wait for anyone to do them with you.
  6. Things in life happen when you least expect them to.
  7. New beginnings can be scary but worth it in the end.
  8. Self-control is a real thing that people do struggle with, including me.
  9. Sometimes it’s okay to not get a tattoo at every little convenience, even if you want them! Hah!
  10. Remember where you came from and those who came with you along the way.
  11. Creating routines for yourself helps you gain some sort of control over your own life.
  12. Dreams really do come true. ❤
  13. Unexpected things will happen, and you just have to deal with them since they are out of your control.
  14. I will never stop being a better version of myself.

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