The Teenage Monologues.

Takes One To Know One: A Milo Monologue.

Band class has really been the highlight of my school days lately. Every other class just feels like time doesn’t move, yet band always feels like there’s never enough time.

It’s probably because of these days, the only time I really get to see Sophie is in this class. My dad and Jennifer have been on my case about the whole Principal-warning-thing. I don’t understand why they care so much about my dual major status, but sometimes it feels like they care more about their son holding that title instead of acting and listening to their son and what they may need. But whatever, who cares anyway?

I sit in my assigned seat in the percussion area, taking out my notebook before the class begins. I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket, in which I immediately took it out in hopes it was Sophie telling me she’s on her way to class.

leesophie: Hey, Milo! I'm not in school today. I was sick this morning. 😦 Let me know if anything exciting happens in band, kay? (:

Well, fuck. I signed and put my phone into my book bag, disappointed that the one good thing about school isn’t even in school today. Before I sat back up, I see a pair of legs standing next to me. I rolled my eyes, knowing exactly who it is. I sit back up and see that it’s Aaron, waiting to get by me so he can get to his seat. I really dislike this guy; he never has anything nice to say and he thinks he’s better than everyone else in our classes. Like dude, you are in level 1 band for freshman and level 1 vocal for freshman; you aren’t that great.

“Where’s Sophie?” Aaron randomly asked me. I could feel my ears get hot. Why the fuck are you looking for Sophie?

“Why?” I asked, trying to make it as unbothered and neutral as possible. I don’t know if he bought it.

“Because I always have to kick her out of my seat,” he answered. “I was relieved to not have to break her heart today.” Aaron laughs and reaches into his book bag. Nothing this guy says or does is funny.

“She’s not here today,” I answered, trying to end the conversation there. I guess it walked since he didn’t have anything to say after that. Mr. Harrison walks into the class and quiets the class. He looks at us before beginning the class.

“Good almost noon, class. As you guys know, the October Fest is approaching us, and we are going to prepare something fun and festive to showcase.” Mr. Harrison flips through papers and begins to hand them out. “The seniors will also be paying tribute to one of our faculty members who is retiring, so I will also be asking a couple of you to accompany the senior band to do just that.” My eyes widen; the senior band sounds like they came straight out of a soundtrack for a motion picture. I can only hope that’s how we will sound when we get to that point.

“Mr. Harrison?” Aaron called out as he raised his hand. “Mr. Harrsion looks at him to acknowledge Aaron, as well as everyone else that turned their heads when his voice was heard.

“Yes, Aaron?”

“Is their a specific section of the orchestra you need for this senior tribute?” I scoffed under my breath in disbelief. This guy is so fucking full of himself, I swear.

“The senior band has to have a mock rehearsal before we can determine what it is that we need.” Mr. Harrison answered and continued to pass around the sheets. I couldn’t help but look over at Aaron just flipping through the sheet music. I still don’t know what’s his deal. What school did he even come from?

“I don’t roll like that homie,” Aaron said as he looked at me. “Either you need some notes or you just have a staring problem, dude.”

“I don’t need, nor want anything from you, Serrano,” I spat back. I wanted nothing more than for this day to be over; specifically this class.

“Whatever you say, Kamalani. Us dual majors gotta stick together,” Aaron said, as he began to make markings on his sheet music.

“Yeah, no thanks,” I rolled my eyes and responded. “Literally would rather work with anyone else but you–“

“Mollie, or Sophie?” Aaron interrupted me and asked. I looked at Aaron, not really understanding where he was going with this. Mollie? How does he know–

“I guess there’s more dual in your life than just your major, huh?” Aaron mocked back at me.

“Dude, you really need to shut up and just–“

“Kamalani! Serrano!” Mr. Harrison called out. We both looked up front, nervous that we were about to get in trouble. “Since you both love talking during my class, we can all have a chat after class as well.” I squeezed my eyes shut as Aaron sighed. I never hated anymore more than Aaron Serrano, and that’s saying a lot considering I hated Simon Hempstead back in middle school.

The bell rings and Mr. Harrison dismisses the rest of the class, while Aaron and I stand up front next to the teacher’s podium. I looked over at Aaron, who was typing away on his phone. He looks visibly annoyed, which I don’t get since he was part of the reason why we are both here. Once the rest of the class left the room, Mr. Harrison closed the door and had us sit in the desks in front of his.

“You both know better than to be disruptive in class,” Mr. Harrison began. This was starting to feel a lot like my last encounter in vocal with my dad; you should know better. I began to shake my leg in my seat, worried that this was the last straw and that I was going to get my dual major status revoked. I feel like a shitty President or something, one that gets into office but completely destroys everything in his sight because he doesn’t know how to be a good President. I believe Sophie told me that due to the constitutional law, it’s–

“That behavior is unacceptable for dual majors like you both, which brings me to my next point,” Mr. Harrison pulled out more papers from his desk draw and handed them over to Aaron and me. “I want you two to accompany the senior band for the tribute. Rehearsals for that begin after school on Wednesday.”

“Why do you need two people in percussion?” I asked, not really amused that I have to spend rehearsals with people I don’t know, and Aaron.

“Well, I know you two play instruments outside of percussion, so I want Milo to accompany percussion, while Aaron accompanies the bass.” I scrunched my eyebrows, a little annoyed that Aaron gets the chance to play other instruments outside of what he plays in this class. I know how to play other instruments, and probably a lot better than this douchebag. I look over at Aaron who is writing inside a notebook. Does this jerk ever give it a rest? Mr. Harrison got up from his seat, escorting us out of his class politely. “I’m not rewarding your bad behavior by giving you guys this opportunity, so by all means if it continues in class, you will be kicked out from the tribute and the showcase. I expect nothing but excellence from dual majors.”

I walked out the classroom while Aaron tried to pass me first. Aaron power-walked away from the classroom and into the hallway. I stood there, annoyed and in need to get chill until the day is over. As I walk further into the hallway to go to my next class, I take out my phone to text Mollie.

milolani: you're free at lunch 2day? 

Before I reach my next class, my phone vibrate in my hand.

mcastro: sorry dude, i gotta tutor this kid in vocal 😛

I was confused. Sure, Mollie and I haven’t hanged out in a while due to everything else happening in my life, but I didn’t know she was out here tuoring kids, yet alone in a performing arts high school.

milolani: in vocal? who? 

Before I can send the message, my teacher for my next class called out for me to get her in her class before the late bell went off. I deleted it, annoyed that this day has literally gotten me nowhere with anyone. I wish Sophie was here today.

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