The Teenage Monologues.

First Day in the War Zone: A Milo Monologue.

High school is a lot different than how it is in movies.

It seems like half of us who graduated from Beverly in June were so excited to leave middle school behind, not realizing that high school is just an extension of all the drama, especially if half of your middle school comes to the same high school as you.

I look at the clock above the blackboard in my classroom. Time has been moving slower than usual, and it’s only the first day of school. High-school math is a different language; how was I passing Math back in middle school?! I look around and see some freshmen that look just as scared as I am, and then there are the classmates that seem to be relieved to not be the “fresh meat” anymore, and then there are juniors and seniors that are doing nothing but talking at the back of the classroom. Man, I miss being a senior in a school.

“So before the bell rings, let’s quickly go around the room and introduce each other!” the teacher said. She pointed toward the first student who sat closest to the door. Poor guy; he looks like he’s about to throw up today’s lunch. The juniors and seniors at the back of the room had something to say about every new face in this goddamn class. I rolled my eyes, dreading when it’ll be my turn to introduce myself.

The teacher finally looks at me with a massive smile on her face. She waits for me to introduce myself. I take in a deep breath and let it out before standing up from my desk.

“I’m Milo Kamalani. Dual major. Freshman.” I quickly said so I could sit back down and the teacher could move on from me. Of course, as I’m making my way to sit back down, someone from the back has something to say.

“Kamalani? Yo, you related to Mr. Kamalani?!” one of the older classmates from the back yells out. The teacher quiets down the class to continue the introductions.

“Yo, Global is going to suck,” Mollie said as she struggles to open up her locker during passing. “Like the teacher thinks he’s teaching a college class for starters, and–” Mollie bangs the locker door with her fist. “Oh my god, can this fucking door just open already?!” A group of older students walk by and laugh in our direction. Mollie turns around and watches them walk by. “I don’t know what the fuck is so funny.”

“Mol, please,” I pleaded with her. The last thing I needed was for my best friend to get into her first fight in high school, let alone with upperclassmen. I walked closer to Mollie’s locker and unlocked it for her. She looked at me like I had just done a magic trick.

“Well, look at you, hotshot,” Mollie teased. I laughed and rolled my eyes at her. We both grabbed what we needed from our lockers and looked at our schedules.

“So, what’s your next class?” I asked.

“English,” Mollie answered in a monotone voice. “Like for fuck’s sake, how are you going to put me into “hard-as-fuck Global” and then into “make-me-snooze English” right after each other? The Waverly god is trying to test me.” If there was one thing Mollie will always be is dramatic, no matter where or what. “How about you?”

“Band,” I said, smiling. Mollie sucked her teeth at my answer. “Man, finally! I feel like I’ve been waiting for a class like this all day!”

“Lucky,” Mollie began. “Vocal isn’t until–“

“8th period,” I answered. Mollie’s face immediately changes; she has on a Joker-like smile.

“Holy shit, we’re in the same vocal class?!” Mollie said, excited. We both hi-fived each other before the warning bell rang. “See you in vocal then!”

“See you,” I responded back. We both went our separate ways, and I realized I had no fucking clue where the band room was.

I walked into the band room and saw a couple of people from my old middle school sitting together. At first, I noticed Davy, who noticed me as soon as I walked in. Davy was introduced to me through one of Mollie’s friends, Ronnie. He actually went to Beverly with the rest of us, but I swear I did not even notice he did until after Ronnie had introduced him to us. He walked towards the seat I was putting my stuff on and sat next to me.

“Yo, look at us being in band class together and shit,” Davy said, nudging my arm. I grabbed my arm; he nudged me a little too hard than he thought.

“I know, it’s crazy,” I said, not as excited as Davy. “How have your classes been? You’ve bumped into anyone we know from Beverly?”

“Besides Ronnie, I saw Laurie in Biology. Kinda funny to see her not being able to bully around anyone since she’s not running the school,” Davy said. Davy was a cool guy but completely plays for both teams. He was friends with Simon, Laurie’s… ex-boyfriend, I believe? They’ve been all over social media this past summer breaking up and making up; I don’t even know what the fuck they are anymore.

“I tried to say hi to her,” Davy continued. I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Really? How did that go?” I asked.

“… She looked at me and said, ‘do I know you?'” I choked in my laugh. Davy sucked his teeth and brushed the embarrassment off. “It’s whatever, we’re in high school and there are waaay more girls prettier than her.” I shook my head about his response.

I looked up towards the front of the classroom where the door was. I instantly smiled; it felt like I waited the whole day for this. She looks so pretty today. She finally sees me, which makes me even smile more. She smiles back and starts walking in my direction.

“Hey, Sophie,” I greeted her as I got up from my seat.

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