The "Something" Series: Season 2

Something About Grace & Jamie: A Scene.

Jamie stands in front of the bathroom mirror trying to put his contacts on. He keeps failing since he is shaky and nervous. Shawn walks toward the doorway of the bathroom, looking at Jamie getting ready.

Shawn: So, what are we going to tell Kevin when he gets back from the market?

Jamie: That we’re going out to the bar tonight.

Shawn: But wouldn’t he want to come with us?

Jamie: We’ll tell him we’re going out to talk to women– *poke his eye* Ouch!

Jamie rubs his eye with his hand before trying to put his contact lens back into his eye. Shawn shakes his head.

Shawn: *teases* She’s already getting to you, hyung?

Jamie: Ya~

Jamie tries to get Shawn out of the doorway until they hear the front door of the house open and close.

Kevin: *calls out* Jamie hyung? Shawn hyung?

Both men walk out of the hallway and see Kevin standing near the doorway with a couple of bags of groceries. Kevin puts them down on the floor and looks at the two men, clearly dressed up for an occasion.

Kevin: Why are you two so dressed up?

Shawn: *nervous* We, uhm–

Jamie: We’re going to the Voyage Bar tonight.

Kevin: Why?

Jamie: We’re going to try to put ourselves out there.

As Kevin places the groceries on the island in the kitchen, he turns around and questions his hyungs.

Kevin: But it didn’t go well the last time you guys did that.

Jamie: We know what we’re getting into now; before we didn’t.

Kevin rolls his eyes and starts putting food away.

Kevin: Well, count me out. The last time I went to the bar, Joo-Ah was upset.

Shawn: Are you sure? I mean we could–

Jamie intently stares at Shawn, not wanting him to say anything else. Shawn catches the hint.

Shawn: We, as in me and Jamie, can go out and you can call Joo-Ah and do like a distance dinner date!

Jamie’s surprised that Shawn would think of something so sweet and sentimental. Kevin considers the thought.

Kevin: You know, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea!

Kevin walks out of the kitchen to go grab his phone from the living room. Shawn is surprised at his own lie.

Shawn: I’m good!

Jamie rolls his eyes and gathers his things so that they can leave. Jamie nervously puts on his bracelet before heading out the door with Shawn.

Skylar: You’re seriously not wearing that out tonight, are you?

Skylar stands in the doorway of Grace’s bedroom, looking at Grace who is wearing a pair of ripped jean shorts and a t-shirt.

Grace: *looks at her outfit* What’s wrong with it?

Skylar: *disgusted* Everything.

Skylar walks into Grace’s room and looks through her closet. Grace sighs.

Grace: I don’t know why you’re making a night out to the Voyage such a big deal…

Skylar: Because it’s my birthday month and I want to celebrate it every weekend leading up to my birthday!

Grace shakes her head.

Grace: So what is “your vision” for tonight’s outfit?

Skylar pulls out a red dress and a pair of open-toe red heels. Grace’s eyebrows cock upon her face.

Grace: Seriously?

Skylar: Yeah, seriously! What if you meet a cute guy at the bar?

Grace: *annoyed* Only drunk tourists go to that bar; why would I want to pick up a guy from there?

Skylar throws the outfit on the bed, annoyed at Grace’s attitude.

Skylar: Grace, I just want to go out with you for a night. I feel like you never want to do anything with me and it’s like, shit we live in the same house and we barely hang out. So for my birthday, it would be nice if my only cousin would go out and celebrate with me without feeling like this is a chore for her.

Grace doesn’t say anything, she just walks towards the bed where the outfit is on and takes it. Skylar smiles.

Skylar: Thank you, Grace!

Grace: *from the other room* You should become an actress with all that drama you carry.

Shawn and Jamie walk towards the Voyage Bar on the pier. Jamie looks around, visibly nervous. Shawn notices and pats Jamie on the back to grab his attention.

Shawn: Are you okay?

Jamie: Yeah, I’m alright… I’m just going to take this night for whatever it becomes.

Shawn: Are you ready to see Grace though?

Jamie doesn’t answer. He takes a deep breath and walks toward the bar. Shawn follows Jamie.

Skylar and Grace walk up to the Voyage Bar. Skylar, excited to go inside, grabs Grace by the arm to help drag her toward the bar. Grace tries to fight her cousin.

Grace: For God’s sake, relax woman.

Skylar doesn’t listen to Grace and continues to pull her into the bar. Once they enter, Grace looks around and immediately is uncomfortable.

Skylar: Look at the people in here tonight!

Grace: Skylar!

Skylar begins to dance on the dance floor as Grace attempts to follow her.

At the bar, Shawn looks towards the dance floor and notices the women dancing. He gets excited and gets up from the bar.

Shawn: Looks like the dance floor is where it’s at for the night!

Jamie, still sitting at the bar, tries to go after Shawn.

Jamie: Shawn!

As he attempts to follow Shawn towards the floor, he bumps into someone who is also walking through the dance floor.

Jamie: I am so sorry, miss–

The woman turns around slowly and faces Jamie. She looks up, completely mortified to see Jamie.

Jamie micks the woman’s face, realizing it’s Grace.

Grace: Jamie?

Jamie doesn’t answer back quickly; he processes what he sees in front of him. He shakes his head, trying to come back to reality.

Jamie: H-hi, Grace.

They both don’t say or do anything else until Jamie hears Shawn call out from him.

Shawn: Hyung!

He walks towards Jamie with a woman. Grace widens her eyes to realize the woman is Skylar.

Grace: Skylar?

Shawn looks at Grace, who is shocked to hear that she knows the woman accompanying him.

Shawn: You know each other?

Grace: She’s my cousin…

Jamie stands there taking in the situation. His eyes go to Skylar, who is now looking at him.

Skylar: *shocked* Oh! You must be–

Shawn: That’s Jamie.

Jamie nervously waves at Skylar and then immediately looks at Grace. Grace looks upset.

Grace: I need some air–

Grace walks out of the bar and Jamie follows her. Skylar looks a little discouraged and Shawn notices.

Shawn: Jamie will see if she’s okay.

Jamie walks out of the bar and sees Grace sitting on the bench near the boardwalk. He walks over to Grace and sits down next to her. She looks at him, then quickly looks towards the beach.

Jamie: *nervously* Are… are you okay?

Grace doesn’t answer back right away. Jamie looks down at his hands and then back at Grace when she takes a deep breath.

Grace: You didn’t have to do what my cousin says, y’know…

Jamie: I didn’t.

Grace looks uneasy and looks away from Jamie.

Jamie: But your cousin did call me with the number I gave you.

Grace rolls her eyes and scoffs.

Grace: She’s… a handful.

Jamie: No wonder Shawn’s hanging out with her; they are basically the same person.

This makes Grace laugh; Jamie feels accomplished and smiles at Grace.

Grace: Sorry if she dragged you into this. This is kinda what she does.

Jamie: No need to apologize… I did agree to come tonight, so–

Grace finally looks at Jamie, and Jamie looks at her back.

Grace: I just wish Skylar picked a place that wasn’t the Voyage Bar…

Jamie: *laughs* I don’t know what is about this place anyway… the drinks aren’t that great.

Grace: The food isn’t either.

Jamie gets up from the bench and gives a hand to Grace.

Jamie: Let’s go someplace with good drinks and food.

Grace smiles and grabs Jamie’s hand. They both let go when they stand next to each other and walk along the boardwalk.

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