Black Sheep in Society.

Just As A Black Sheep Expected: A Scene.

It’s the day of Micah’s big gig, and Micah sits backstage waiting for his time to perform. He peaks into the audience, where he sees people of all ages hanging out and enjoying the various performances of the night. He spots Dani and Tanner sitting together in the audience; he’s thankful that they always show up. He continues to look around to see if Kalia is in the audience; no luck.

The last act before intermission finishes, which means he’s the next act when intermission finishes. He takes in a deep breath to let out all the nerves in his body. He continues to look at his phone for any messages from Kalia; nothing.

Before he puts his phone back into his pocket, it vibrates in his hand. He reads the notification and sees that it’s Rosie.

Roe: They got you performing in a fancy-ass place! Okay, rockstar! 

Micah peaks out of the curtain and searches the audience one last time. He sees Rosie sitting in the back row, looking around the venue. He looks down at his phone and sends her a text message back.

Micah: Thanks for coming out, Roe. See you after the show~

Micah puts his phone away when the intermission is over and the backstage crew call for him to get ready.

Announcer: Alright, alright! Welcome back to the Oxygen Lounge’s Amateur Night! We’re hope you’re having a great time tonight. Next in our lineup is Brooklyn native, Micah Kamalani! He’s an aspiring DJ and producer under the name Salem, so watch him mix your beats and create his own! Give it up for Salem, y’all!

The audience cheers and claps their hands as Micah walks out towards the stage.

Micah: How’s everyone doing tonight!

The audience cheers in response.

Micah: That’s what I like to hear! Tonight, I’m gonna give you guys something unreleased, y’know, a little something I’ve been working on. This song right here is called “Knock Me Out”. Enjoy!

The music begins to play and Micah immediately gets lost in the music. He dances and vibes to the beat before singing a song about a woman that he wants to get to know better romantically. The song is sexy, and Micah sways to the beat as he sings the lyrics. Dani and Tanner are bumping their heads to the beat, as well as everyone else in the audience. Rosie watches Micah in surprise; she’s never seen him in his element like this before. She also begins to vibe to the song.

Towards the climax of the song, a woman walks in with sunglasses and her hair tied up in a clean-looking bun. She sits towards the back of the venue, in which Rosie notices. She looks towards the girl as she takes off her sunglasses. Rosie’s eyes widen as she knows exactly who that is: Micah’s girlfriend. She shakes her head, dumbfounded that his girlfriend would literally get to the show moments before Micah’s set is over.

Micah looks into the audience and finally sees Kalia sitting there. Inside he’s disappointed she arrived so late, but he tries his best to hide it from the audience, and hide it within his performance.

Rosie begins to feel uncomfortable sitting so close to Micah’s girlfriend. Once Micah finshies his song and the crowd applauds Micah’s performance, Rosie gets up from her chair and walks out of the venue.

The night’s performances come to an end, and the venue now opens up to its regular hangout spot. Micah comes from the backstage area and meets up with his friends.

Tanner: That was so fire, bro!

Tanner greets Micah with a handshake into a hug; Micah smiles.

Micah: Thanks, man.

Dani: This was so much better than the last performance. Like, your last performance was great, but this was just different!

Dani pounds Micah with her fist, in which he returns it to her. Moments later, he looks around the venue for Rosie. He doesn’t see her anywhere. He stops searching once he sees Kalia walking towards him.

Kalia: Hey, babe!

Kalia kisses Micah and gives him a hug. Micah smiles at his girlfriend. His friends stand there, watching the couple.

Kalia: You were so good.

Tanner: Good?! That song was amazing, like that needs to be on Spotify like right now!

Micah laughs and Kalia doesn’t say anything back. Dani takes Tanner and gives Micah and Kalia some alone time.

Micah: Glad you were able to make it.

Kalia kisses Micah on the cheek.

Kalia: I wouldn’t have been anywhere else.

Micah smiles at Kalia. Her phone begins to ring, and picks up the phone. It’s her agent. Micah’s smile fades away. Kalia ends the phone conversation and looks at Micah.

Kalia: I have a table reading in a few for a movie, so I can’t stay for long.

Micah: *confused* Movie?

Kalia: Oh, yeah! My father got me a table reading for this movie with a director he’s close with. If everything goes well, I might actually get the role!

Micah doesn’t react right away, in which Kalia’s excitement fades away as well.

Kalia: Are you not happy for me, babe? You know I’ve been working hard for this—

Micah: No, no, I’m… happy for you. I just wish I knew about this sooner.

Kalia: I’ve been meaning to tell you, but I’ve just been so busy with auditions and preparations…

Micah: *annoyed* Yeah, but I’m your boyfriend, Kal. You didn’t think to tell me when you first got the movie deal?

Kalia: I didn’t get it, Micah.

Micah: You know what I mean. I just feel like I’m one of the last people to know what’s going on with my own girlfriend.

Kalia: You’re making a big deal out of nothing…

Micah: Am I? Kal, I’m just saying: I feel like I’m never in the loop about your career and auditions and stuff.

Kalia sighs loudly. She anxiously keeps looking at her phone. Micah rolls his eyes.

Micah: Just go, Kal. I’ll talk to you later. Again, thanks for coming…

Micah kisses Kalia on the forehead half-assed, he simply just walks away from Kalia, towards the exit of the venue.

He takes out his phone and checks it to see if there are any notifications. Nothing. He opens his messages with Rosie and begins to text her.

Micah: Hey, everything’s okay? Didn’t see you after the show.

He puts his phone back into his bag and begins to walk away from the venue. What a day to end his important night.

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