Black Sheep in Society.

The Black Sheeps’ Adventure: A Scene.

Experience College of Staten Island - CUNY in Virtual Reality.

It was later in the afternoon, and class for Micah and Rosie has been let out. They walk out of their building together, exhausted from their long lecture.

Micah: Wow, that had to have been some of the worst lecturings I’ve been through since being in college…

Rosie: Tell me about it. Like, how could you spend an hour just talking about primary colors?

Micah: Wait, was that what he was talking about? I just thought he really liked red, blue, and yellow way too much.

Rosie shakes her head and continues walking away from the building towards the sidewalk that leads to the front of the college. Micah follows along.

Micah: Are you done for the day?

Rosie: I am. You?

Micah: I dropped a class for this one because I just didn’t want to stay here until 6.

Rosie: Makes sense.

Micah nods and continues walking with Rosie. She looks to her side where she sees Micah right beside her.

Rosie: So you weren’t joking when you said you don’t drive to and from campus?

Micah: We live in a city where parking is non-existent. Plus, the bus is just cheaper to do.

Rosie: *scoffs* You just don’t seem like you’d be riding the city bus home.

Micah: Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to get my license and a car just so that we don’t have to walk this long walk towards the front anymore.

Rosie laughs and shakes her head. Micah’s phone vibrates in his pocket, to which he takes it out and looks at the notification. It’s Kalia, telling him that their plans for tonight have to be postponed. Micah’s smile fades away, and Rosie notices.

Rosie: Damn, it looks like your girlfriend dumped you or some shit.

Micah: *rolls eyes* She didn’t dump me, she just dumped our plans for this afternoon.

Rosie: Bummer.

Micah: It’s whatever.

The two silently walk along the sidewalk; they don’t say anything to each other until Micah looks back up at Rosie.

Micah: So, what does your day look like after class? Go home to your family? Play with a pet?

Rosie: I don’t live with my family. They… live in Philly.

Micah: Oh? I didn’t know you weren’t from here.

Rosie: I’m just here for school, so I live… with a roommate…

Micah: That’s cool! Do they go to school here too?

Rosie: No… they, uhm, go to another school in the city.

Micah nods his head.

Rosie: How about you? Going to band practice in your mom’s garage or something?

Micah scrunches his eyebrows and laughs.

Micah: No, I don’t do “band practice”. I usually just make something in my room or do some writing.

Rosie: You’re trying to become the next big Soundcloud rapper?

Rosie laughs and Micah just looks at her. He laughs along as well.

Micah: You deadass think you have jokes, Roe.

Rosie: *defensive* Hey, I said don’t call me that.

Micah: But friends give each other nicknames like that.

Rosie rolls her eyes and stops walking. Micah stops with her.

Rosie: Why are you so determined to be friends with me?

Micah: I think you’re pretty cool, and I like having cool friends.

Rosie starts walking and shakes her head.

Rosie: You don’t want to be friends with me.

Micah stops Rosie from walking to look at her.

Micah: Let’s hang out.

Rosie: What? Are you insane?

Micah: What? My plans fell through, you’re not working at the bookstore today, and the day is still young. Let’s go hang out and do something like how friends would.

Rosie ponders the thought. She’s confused and concerned.

Rosie: Me? You actually want to hang out with me?

Micah: I did offer to. plus, it’s not like we have any serious homework to do for this lame Art class anyway.

Rosie: *deep sigh* You’re not going to let this go if I say no, so I guess we’re hanging out.

Micah smiles and continues to walk towards the front gate, to which he sees the bus pulling into the bus stop. Both Rosie and Micah run towards the front, in hopes they don’t miss the bus.

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