Black Sheep in Society.

One Black Sheep, Two Black Sheep: A Scene.

CSI Center for the Arts - Staten Island, NY - Meeting Venue

Micah sits on the balcony ground of the performing arts building. He waits for his new class to begin in an hour; he scrolls through his phone until he hears someone call out his name. He looks up to see that it’s Tanner. Tanner walks towards Micah and sits on the ground next to him.

Tanner: You’re here early.

Micah: I needed to get out of the house. My brother and his family are staying over and I couldn’t take the noise.

Tanner nods and understands Micah’s view.

Tanner: Did he ask you about Kalia?

Micah: When doesn’t he? It’s like he purposely brings her up just to piss me off.

Tanner: He probably doesn’t know the dynamic between you two.

Micah deadpans at Tanner.

Micah: What dynamic? As a couple?

Tanner: Well, a couple where one is practically famous.

Micah rolls his eyes and continues to look through his phone.

Tanner: Did she actually show up this time?

Micah: No. She basically had some meeting with her dad that she couldn’t miss…

Tanner: Ouch. That’s embarrassing in front of the fam.

Micah looks at Tanner.

Micah: *sarcastically* Wow, what would I do without you as a friend?

Tanner smiles, thinking he did something good. Micah laughs and shakes his head, going through his phone. He stops midway when he sees an article pop up on his timeline.

Micah: What the fuck…

Tanner looks at Micah, then down at Micah’s phone.

Micah: Kalia is being considered for the main role in this big-time upcoming movie…

Tanner: Whoa! That’s amazing!

Micah: She never told me she auditioned for this movie role.

Tanner: Maybe her father helped her get it?

Micah: *shakes his head* Kalia purposely wants to make her own name outside of her dad, she wouldn’t have let him help even if it was the better option…

Micah looks up from his phone, still dumbfounded. Tanner begins to get up

Tanner: Well, I have to get going to my next class; Dani and I are gonna be in the study lounge around 2 if you’re still around.

Micah: Yeah, I’ll see what I’m doing later…

Tanner fist bumps Micah and walks away. Micah leans his head back on the wall and closes his eyes. He opens them when he hears someone walk down the hall. He looks at the person and immediately wakes up. The person walking towards Micah begins to slowly approach him, stopping near his legs.

Micah: *sing-song tone* Gooood morning, Roe.

Rosie: I told you to not call me that.

Micah: But we’re friends, and friends give each other nicknames.

Rosie sits down next to Micah, which surprises him at first.

Rosie: Who said we’re friends?

Micah: I did.

He extends his hand to go in for a proper handshake.

Micah: Nice to meet you, friend.

Rosie rolls her eyes and half-smiles. She’s amused. Micah laughs and looks forward towards the balcony railing.

Micah: So, are you off today?

Rosie: Yeah. Today I have classes so, I just go to them.

Micah: Cool, cool… Shouldn’t you get going to it?

Rosie: *confused* This is my class…

The two students look at each other, realizing the same information at the same time.

Rosie: You? Taking “Introduction to Art”?

Micah: It’s an elective; how about you? Aren’t you, like, majoring in art or something?

Rosie: It’s a part of my coursework, dumbass–

Micah: I’m just asking a simple question!

Rosie gets up from the ground while Micah watches her.

Micah: Where are you going? Class starts in like 20 minutes!

Rosie: *while walking away* I’m going to smoke a cigarette.

She stops midway down the hall and tries to search for the pack of cigarettes in her bag. She struggles, lifting her knee up so that her bag is closer to her as she digs deep in her bag. Micah gets up from the ground and walks towards Rosie. He reaches into his jacket and takes out his pack of cigarettes, lifting the lid open. Rosie looks up from her bag and sees Micah offering a cigarette. She kindly takes one.

Rosie: Thank you.

Micah nods, and they both walk towards the exit of the building.

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