The "Something" Series

Losing It or Something: A Scene.

Mimosa Recipe -

A tall woman is in the kitchen of her apartment putting together food. She briefly stops when she hears the doorbell ring to go and answer it. She wipes off her hands, and opens the front door. There stands Grace in a summer dress and light denim jacket, holding a gallon of orange juice in her hand.

Ari: Damn sis, you’re trying to get drunk off of mimosas this afternoon?

Grace: Listen, it’s been a hot minute since we did this, we deserve to get a little drunk.

Ari laughs and takes the orange juice from Grace. Grace walks into the apartment and looks around.

Grace: I swear every time i come here, your place looks mad different.

Ari: Don’t be mad that I believe in moving things around for good energy; makes me live in a happy home. Plus, you barely come over anymore so you don’t even know when things be changing.

Grace deadpans over to Ari while Ari cocks up her eyebrows in annoyance.

Grace: I’ve just been really busy lately.

Ari: Mhm, really busy getting it in with Jamie?

Grace widens her eyes in shock, her face starts to turn visibly red.

Ari: Hey, I was just assuming that, I didn’t know that was the case! Get it, babe!

Grace chokes on the drink in front of her. She coughs until she’s able to speak again.

Grace: It’s not even like that–

Ari: Riiiiiight…

The two women laugh it up and drink together. Grace is drinking a lot more than she would normally, and Ari notices it.

Ari: You must’ve been dying for a drink, sis. You’ve been downing them like a fish.

Grace: *nervously* Sorry, it’s just been mad long since I had a drink. Watching Willow for almost a month has been a lot.

Ari: I can imagine, Willow always has you running in circles.

Grace weakly smiles and twirls her drink in her hand. She sits back on the chair. Neither women say anything for a moment.

Grace: How have you been though? It’s been a hot minute since we got to catch up like this.

Ari: I’ve been good. Dean and I are looking to possibly getting a pet in the future since having kids are not in the picture right now.

Grace: I mean they never are, they should’ve just happen sometimes.

Ari: Well we do not want them to “just happen” anytime soon, but we are looking to move forward into our relationship and I think getting a pet is a good stepping stone for the both of us. Plus, Dean’s been dying for a dog.

Grace: Why am I not surprised?

Ari laughs and takes a sip of her drink. Grace begins to eat her plate of food.

Ari: How about you? What have you’ve been up to since you’ve been on this never-ending vacation…

Ari sips her drink; Grace stops in her tracks for a moment to gather her scattering thoughts.

Grace: Nothing vacation worthy. I was just watching Willow. The usual.

Ari: Definitely.

Ari places her drink on the table and readjusts herself.

Ari: Speaking of work, you would never guess who I saw earlier this week.

Grace timidly looks at Ari, she doesn’t say anything until Ari cocks her eyebrows up.

Grace: Who?

Ari: Jamie! He was sitting in a room with a bunch of other candidates for a job that we apparently have open. *sarcastically* Kind of odd that I didn’t know anything about it; I mean I am on track of being a lawyer yet they rather hire someone completely new… no offence to Jamie.

Grace: Oh, yeah I told him there was a position open at the firm, I encouraged him to go for the interview…

Ari: That was nice for you; getting your not-boyfriend-but-is-your-boyfriend a whole ass job while he’s here.

Grace rolls her eyes and continues to drink her mimosa. Downing the glass down, she gets more of it.

Ari: It’s just interesting, y’know? I mean, with the whole no-dating policy thing, you’d think you would know it by now.

Grace: Well good thing Jamie and I are not dating.

Ari: *deadpans* The man is living in your apartment practically rent free, sis.

Grace is visibly getting irritated at the pestering coming from Ari. Ari is done beating around the bush.

Ari: You quit the firm, didn’t you?

Grace doesn’t say anything but the look on her face says it all. Ari instantly reacts.

Ari: Grace!

Grace: What?!

Ari: How the hell are you going to let a man take your position at the firm? What the fuck were you thinking?

Grace: He didn’t take my position, I was defense; he’s a prosecutor–

Ari: I don’t give a fuck if he was a damn judge, Grace. You put his needs before yours and I don’t like that shit.

Grace: *angry* Maybe I wanted to leave, Ari! Have you ever thought about that?!

Ari: And he was okay with you just handing over your job to him?

Grace stays silent.

Grace: He doesn’t know I left.

Ari laughs out loud in disbelief.

Ari: Wow, already keeping secrets from each other in your relationship! That’s mind-blowing!

Grace: *furious* We’re not in a relationship, so shut the fuck up about that.

Ari: *yells* That makes it even worse! You gave your job, the one you worked your ass off, to a guy that you’re not in a relationship with! Like, is the dick that good that it has you doing dumb shit like this?

Grace: You clearly aren’t able to comprehend my reasoning for quitting.

Ari: You’re right, I can’t. I can’t understand how the first time you been through a relationship with Max, had a whole ass baby with him, and still chose your job over that life of yours but God Forbid Jamie is here, you’ll drop your job like it was a fucking piece of paper!

Grace: Stay in your lane, Ari. You don’t have a goddamn clue what life is like being a lawyer on a case; eating, sleeping, breathing that shit all the time while life just passes me by. You get to clock out at the end of the day and go home to Dean and be his girlfriend; I go home to still be a fucking lawyer. So don’t give me that shit, Ari!

Ari nods her head.

Ari: You’re right, I should stay in my lane, so let me tell you how I see things. I love Dean with my whole heart; that’s the man I hope to marry one day. But if he comes home talking about how he needs to move out of state for his job, I would be heartbroken and tell him to go while I stay here because I don’t drop everything for anybody. I may be just an intern in your eyes, but I take my fucking job seriously. I worked hard to be where I’m at, and I’m pissed to see you literally ruin your life for this job, and yet here you are, giving it to a man who can care less about you at the end of the day.

Grace gets up from her chair and grabs her purse from the table to leave.

Ari: I hope Jamie doesn’t get this job and leave you in the dark when he finds out you lied to him about it.

Grace: Fuck you, Ari.

Grace jets for the front door and slams it behind her. Ari finishes the rest of her mimosa.

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