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January 2021 Highlights & Favorites!

Dear, guys – welcome back to Letters From Liz!

So, quick question: why does January feel like it lasts longer than 31 days ever single year? Don’t get me wrong, January is my birthday month, we love her, but she definitely sticks around for way longer than every other month in the year.

Nevertheless, lots of cool and exciting things happen in this month alone (plus it’s been a hot minute since we did one of these things) and why not end this never-ending month with some highlights and favorites?


I turned 27!

Goodbye 26, hello 27! Earlier this month, I turned 27-years-old! I didn’t do much on my actual birthday (I mean, you really can’t considering the whole pandemic) but nevertheless, I had a really chill and good birthday. I spent time with my family, I spent some time with my closest friends though video chat, and ate some really good food and cake. It was also my Aliceversary, which in case you didn’t know was when I first really got into Victon as a group and began to stan them immensely hard. My tattoo, “The Chemistry”, was inspired by one of the b-sides off of their debut mini album, “Voice to New World”, which was the song that I first heard from them and instantly fell in love with them. So yeah, not only is January 9th my birthday, but it’s also my blog anniversary and now my Aliceversary. We love that.

My 4 Major Clearances are Complete!

Almost a year after entering the program, I can finally say I am (almost) complete with all four major clearances! Last week, I took my last test and sent the results back with to my doctor and now I’m just waiting to get that clearance before I take the very last steps before I get a surgery date! It’s really crazy and scary to think that in a couple of weeks, this surgery can potentially happen. To be at this point into the process and only have some minor preparations left is still something so mind-blowing and seems so unrealistic. It’s definitely caused some minor/major (all-around really) anxiety because it’s just something that is so tangible and achievable that I sometimes think if I’m actually ready for something as major as this. Nevertheless, I know I’ll be okay and ready when the time gets even closer.

Victon Made Their Comeback!

VICTON [VOICE : The future is now] Video Call Event | Makestar

Two days after my birthday, Victon made their comeback with their first full-length album, VOICE: The Future is Now. (If you would like to read my thoughts on the album, you can read that here.) Not trying to be biased or anything, but wow this album was so good and like the whole thing is a certified bop… no cap. Anyway! They promoted their album for two weeks and honestly every performance of theirs just got better and better. Here, take this special video performance of their b-side track, “Flip A Coin” as context to the type of shit they were on for this comeback.


Victon’s VOICE: The Future is Now :

VICTON 1st Full Album [VOICE : The Future Is Now] Concept Image Part.2 |  Kpopmap - Kpop, Kdrama and Trend Stories Coverage

And to transition to some favorites: This album is definitely my favorite thing of this past month. Like I mentioned this before, this was definitely one of my favorite albums of theirs and it’s a literal masterpiece. Ugh, so proud of my boys!

Olivia Rodrigo’s “driver license” :

Gotta thank the Instagram reels that are just reposted TikToks for this discovery! There was something so raw about this girl’s voice and the fact that it really gave me some writing inspiration that made this song an instant hit for me. I know this song has some Disney drama behind it and it’s literally giving me some Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan & Aaron Carter vibes (man can you guess how old I am from that statement), but the lyrics are just so amazing and heartfelt and again, this girl has pipes! Ugh, such a great song.

For now, that’s all the stuff for this month! Let’s see what February has in store for us!

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