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26-Something Memory: A Scene.

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Traffic is at a halt on the busy streets in the city of Seoul. Jamie forgot just how busy living in the middle of it was like after being in New York City for the last couple of months. New York is just as busy as it is here, but somehow this busy city frustrates him for being too busy. Perhaps its not even about the city he’s in, but about the fact he’s not in the same city, let alone same country, as the person he wants to be with in this exact moment. The small apartment is dark, quiet; unfamiliar.

Jamie looks at his phone in his hand; swipes it open and goes to his text messages. No new messages from Grace; the girl from New York that he had completely fell in love with; the 5’3 petite curly auburn haired woman that was adventurous, quirky, short-tempered; beautiful. Grace Renee Ashmore was always beautiful to Jamie, even in the mornings where he would wake up next to her in his bed, hair spread out all over the pillow and hair stuck on her face, sometimes with the previous night’s makeup still on her face. She always looked so peaceful when she slept. He always felt like he was at home with Grace around.

He backs out to their messages and opens his photo gallery; a couple of food pictures and landscape pictures of NYC later, he comes across the photos of Grace. He smiles at the one photo of him and Grace throwing up peace signs wearing silly props, winking in the camera as Jamie took the photo.

October 7th, 2057:

The elevator doors open and Jamie is seen wearing a denim jacket, a black turtleneck, black jeans and Converse; he feels uncomfortable being casually dressed. For Grace, he’ll do it. He’s holding a cake in a box in his hands, and walks to Grace’s front door.

He knocks on the door with his elbow and waits for a moment before the door opens. Grace opens the door and Grace is in sweatpants and a hoodie. Jamie’s eyes widen, but the smile never leaves his face.

Jamie: Happy Birthday!

Grace stands there with no emotion in her face. Jamie awkwardly stands there.

Grace: Fuck my birthday.

Grace turns back into her apartment and Jamie walks in. He sets the cake on the kitchen counter and follows Grace.

Jamie: Whoa, what’s wrong?

Grace plops herself on her couch like a pouty child. Jamie walks to Grace and stands behind her and leans towards the back of the sofa.

Jamie: *cutely* Gracieeeeee…

Grace doesn’t say anything. Jamie gets closer to Grace and continues to act cute for her. He cutely leans in and play with her, hoping to cheer her up. She doesn’t budge until he cutely sings happy birthday to Grace and holds her arms up to dance. She smiles and immediately gets up from the couch.

Grace: Jamie!

Jamie laughs and opens his arms wide for Grace to come in and hug him.

Jamie: Now what seems to be the problem with your birthday?

Grace: It sucks! I just hate being reminded that every year I get older and that… I don’t know, I just wish I had Willow here to just make today… go by.

Jamie: I’m sorry you feel that way… *looks at the cake on the counter* Should I…?

Grace: No, the cake can stay. Thank you, Jamie.

Jamie and Grace share a moment in that hug until Grace pulls away from Jamie.

Jamie: Let me take you out tonight. I mean–

He steps back and shows off his very casual looking outfit to Grace. She giggles.

Jamie: I’m even in clothing you wanted to see me in!

Grace: You’re right, and you look amazing, might I add.

Jamie winks and puts his hands in his jacket pockets.

Jamie: Thank you, but I bet you’ll look even more amazing in the outfit you choose to go out to karaoke tonight.

Grace’s eyes widen with excitement. She happily jumps to her room to get dressed. Jamie laughs at the sight; “gosh, she’s so cute.”

Grace comes out of the room in a denim jacket and a green floral skater dress with ankle boots. Jamie looks at Grace.

Grace: I’m ready to sing to my heart’s content!

Grace grabs her purse from the table and grabs Jamie hand, dragging him towards the front door to go out.

At the karaoke bar, Jamie and Grace are singing loudly to some top 40 songs; Grace keeps up while Jamie struggles around with some of the words in the Americanized songs. He absolutely murders the Kpop songs that are popular in the States. They occasionally sip on their drinks, continuously sing loudly and horribly in the room, laughing out loud, enjoying each other’s company.

Grace takes her phone out of her pocket and turns the camera on to take a picture of Jamie singing to a song. He notices and waves his hand away.

Grace: *laughs* Come on Jamie, let me take a picture of you!

Jamie playfully rolls his eyes and acts as if he’s singing the highest of notes. Flash. Grace looks at it and smiles. Jamie walks over to the table of props and puts on ridiculously big sunglasses on. Grace laughs and continues to snap photos of Jamie.

Jamie: Grab a prop, Gracie! Let us take a photo together!

Grace skips to the prop table and picks up a featherly boa and a princess crown. She comes back next to Jamie and begins to take silly pictures.

Jamie: Peace signs now!

Both Grace and Jamie throw up peace signs and wink in the camera.


Jamie closes his phone and places it on the table beside the window. He turns back around and walks away from the window and turns on the lights. The apartment looks like it’s barely been lived in, even though it’s been a couple of weeks since he’s been back home. He sighs; this isn’t home.

He takes a seat on the small sofa in the living room. He takes his glasses off his face to rub his tired eyes until he sees a light flash on his phone screen. He looks up and checks the notification.

Kevin: Just checking in to see how you’re doing.

Jamie closes his phone and places it face down on the coffee table. He lays down on the sofa, exhausted.

A couple of hours later in the middle of the night, he wakes up with an aching back from sleeping on the sofa. He sits up, and goes to look at the time on his phone. He doesn’t see the time.. He sees a notification.

Grace: Won the case. Thank you again.

As Jamie is about to text back, he votes against it, suddenly becoming sad, and closes his phones and puts it on the coffee table. Fuck. He misses Grace, and he doesn’t know when he’ll see her next. He looks around his apartment one more time before he shuts the lights off and enters his bedroom.

This place is not his home.

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