Creative Pieces, The "Something" Series

Something about Him: A Scene.

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Grace sits at a desk in an office in the middle of New York City. The sun is going down and it’s time for her to leave the job behind and enjoy the weekend to come. She doesn’t stop. She’s flipping through pages in front of her, occasionally placing a pen in her mouth every time she was deep in thought. Before she was able to get anything concrete on paper, a knock is heard at the door. Grace rolls her eyes.

Grace: *shouts* Whoever that is, I hope it’s for a good reason!

The door opens and Ari, a tall, model-like woman with long, black hair walks in; the heels she is wearing is making her look even taller.

Ari: I mean, that is no way to be talking to the girl who’s here to remind you that you have a hot date to get ready for!

Grace smiles and laughs to herself; Ari is her best-friend who is currently interning for the firm. She met Ari during one of the firm’s social gathering events when Grace was still dating Max. She recalls Ari calling Max a “British snacc” before realizing Grace was his girlfriend. With both of their strong personalities, they instantly hit it off, and since then they have been best friends; both in work and outside of work.

Grace: I have too much work to worry about that, I can just go like this anyway.

Ari: *baffled* You’re kidding me, right?

Ari walks up to Grace’s desk and takes the papers from her desk.

Grace: What are you–?!

Ari: *interrupts* You are not going to overwork yourself when you have a hot Asian man coming here to take you on a date; I mean how long has it been since you had a man dick you down?

Grace rubs her eyes.

Grace: Ari, remember I am your superior.

Ari: Bitch, it’s 6:30, work ended like an hour ago for you!

Grace deadpans Ari. Ari cocks her eyebrows up; Grace knows Ari’s right. Grace rolls her eyes and finally puts the remaining papers down on the desk. She takes a deep breath.

Grace: Should I just cancel? I mean, we’re both probably going to be tired from work anyway…

Ari: Any man that likes a woman isn’t cancelling on her, no matter how tired he is from work. Are you nervous or something?

Graces folds her arms across her chest. She doesn’t say anything. Ari takes a seat across from the desk.

Ari: Grace Ashmore, afraid of a little innocent date with a man? *playfully* Unless this date isn’t so innocent, if you know what I’m saying. *winks*

Grace: Ari…

Ari: Talk to me, babes! What’s wrong? Why are you so not excited for this date? Is he a creep? Is he ugly? Is he not packing?

Grace: *annoyed* Ari!

Ari shuts up. Grace takes a deep breath; a loose hair in front of her face flies up when she exhales.

Grace: I’m just… really nervous. I don’t date.

Ari: Ain’t that the truth, which sucks in my opinion, but go on.

Grace side eyes Ari.

Grace: *sarcastically* Sorry, I don’t feel like ruining another man’s life by giving them a baby and then ultimately leave him with so-said-baby.

The air gets tense.

Ari: Grace, you gotta move on from that. Like yeah, you and Max were cute together, but it didn’t work out. You shouldn’t dwell on that and fuck up the opportunities you have now for happiness.

Grace: I’m a mom, Ari. I was fucking engaged to Max. We were suppose to work out. We worked and I just–

Ari: No.

Grace: *confused* What?

Ari: *in a serious tone* I will not allow you to sit here and think about the what if’s. It’s not fair to Jamie.

Grace looks uneasy. She doesn’t say anything.

Ari: From what I hear about this guy, I can tell he’s diggin’ you so hard, Grace. For starters, he fucking adores Willow. Like, for most men, a woman with a baby and some baby daddy is just too much to deal with. Plus you’re a workaholic? Grace, he’s diggin’ you, and it’s not fair to him that he’s literally telling you that he likes you and you just brush him off because you think you’ll scare him away.

Grace sits there in silence; she starts to think about the last couple of weeks with Jamie. He feels… different. He feels like Jamie genuinely enjoys her company whether they are together. He doesn’t feel complicated; most of the days they are together she’s working on her case while he’s working on his own work or reading a book or just looking after Willow for the time being; nothing major has to happen and nothing really has to be said. They just… enjoy each other’s company.

Grace shakes off the thought.

Grace: He’s just really good company, Ari. Nothing more, nothing less.

Ari: *rolls eyes* Well, whatever you guys are, let him know what the deal is tonight; don’t string him along if you don’t feel the same.

Ari shrugs and walks towards the door, she shouts something as she’s walking out.

Ari: *in a distance* Your outfit is hanging up in your bathroom, you’re welcome.

The door closes. Grace runs her hands through her hair. She gets up from her chair and walks to the bathroom.


Ari is talking to the woman at the front desk, papers in hand, coat & purse on her as she gets ready to leave for the day. The revolving doors spin, Ari turns around to see who it is. A man dressed in black dress shoes, brown mock-neck sweater, and a beige pea-coat walks in; he’s holding a small bouquet of flowers.

He walks to the front desk as both women hush their conversation. The man smiles before he speaks.

Jamie: Hi, I’m looking for Grace Ashmore.

Ari looks at Jamie.

Receptionist: She’s out of office for the day, she won’t be available until next–

Ari: *interrupts* He’s not a client, Mai. *to Jamie* 15th floor, first door on the left.

Jamie smiles and bows down in respect.

Jamie: Thank you, have a nice night, ladies.

Jamie walks to the elevator as the two women look back at him.

Mai: Is that…?

Ari: Oh yeah. Grace better not fuck this up.


Grace walks out from the bathroom in her date-night outfit; she’s wearing a turtleneck sweater knit dress with knee high boots and black stockings. She fixes her hair and touches up her makeup until she hears a knock on the door.

Grace: *loudly* Ari, I have a word to pick with you for putting condoms in my–

Grace opens the door and to her surprise, it’s Jamie. She’s in shock.

Grace: Oh! Jamie! I– Uhm–

Jamie smiles at the nervous woman in front of him. Grace just stares.

Grace: Wow, you look so good. *realizes* Fuck, I didn’t mean to think that out loud, I–

Jamie laughs to himself and hands the flowers to Grace. She takes them and looks back at Jamie. He looks at her in awe.

Jamie: You look… absolutely stunning tonight, Grace.

They both stand there for a moment, admiring each other’s presence.

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