Blogust 2020: The Series, Creative Pieces

Day 13: “You Don’t Know Her.” – A Scene.

*you can read the first scene here*

Micah is walking down the street; the daylight emphasizes the purple and green colors of the bruise on Micah’s face from the fight back at the bookstore.

He walks to a door of an apartment complex and knocks on it. A girl with dirty blonde wavy hair opens the door, Kalia. She instantly looks at the bruise on Micah’s face and gasps.

Kalia: Oh my god, Micah! What happened?

Micah doesn’t answer her, he just walks into the apartment. Kalia closes the door and follows behind him.

Kalia: Hello? Earth to Micah?

Micah: *irritated* Nothing, Kal, I just got into a fight. That’s all.

Kalia runs to the freezer and grabs an ice pack out; she hands it to Micah and he accepts it.

Kalia: Yeah, I figured that much out. What did you do, Micah?

Micah: *angrily* Oh, so you automatically think it’s my fault?

Kalia: *defensive* I don’t know, you do get yourself in trouble a lot these days…

Micah doesn’t say anything. Kalia continues to look at him, waiting for an answer.

Micah: *sighs* I got into a fight with Prescott, Roe’s… *air quotes* boyfriend.

Kalia: *confused* Why did you get into a fight with her boyfriend for?

Micah: Because he’s a dickhead.

Kalia: *concerned* That doesn’t give you the right to start a fight with him, Micah, I- *realizes something* Did you walk here looking like that?!

Micah: No, we fought right before you answered the door. *annoyed* Of course I did; why?

Kalia does to the window near the front door and looks outside. She whispers “fuck” and closes the curtain.

Kalia: Didn’t you see the paparazzi parked across the street from the building?!

Micah: No?

Kalia: *frustrated* Micah! You know you showing up here looking like that is just going to create bad publicity for us! “Kalia’s beau shows up to her house beaten up! Is Hollywood’s next big thing chasing bad boys?”

Micah is in disbelief. He came to Kalia to feel some comfort after getting hit in the face by a jackass not too long before. He just wanted to feel some peace with his girlfriend. Micah has realized that the Kalia that he first fell in love with back in high-school isn’t the same Kalia that left to start her acting career in Sweden with her father and stepmother and is now back for some U.S. roles at 23-years-old.

Micah: I’m sorry that all I wanted to do is to see my girlfriend and forget about the bullshit that happened.

Kalia: *not catching the sarcasm* I’m just saying that you should’ve at least called me at first. You could’ve came in from the backyard or something.

Micah shakes his head and gets up from the sofa. He puts the ice pack on the kitchen island.

Kalia: You’re leaving?

Micah: *annoyed* Yes, Kal. I’m going home. I should’ve just went home in the first place…

Kalia: Wait, you’re mat at me for something stupid and reckless that you did?

Micah wants to shout out the reason he fought Prescott to her so that Kalia would just shut up and feel bad for blaming this on him. He doesn’t; Kalia doesn’t need to know that Prescott and Rosie’s relationship is abusive. He just looks at her, getting angry.

Micah: I’m mad because you care about your image more than me, Kalia.

Kalia: *dismissive* Stop it Micah, that’s not even remotely true.

Micah: Oh just stop with the condescending bullshit already.

Kalia is taken back by Micah’s attitude; she’s noticed that Micah isn’t the sweet, chill guy he was back in high-school. Something changed in him and she doesn’t like it.

Kalia: I swear you because meaner and more aggressive the more I see you. What the hell happened to you? It’s like ever since you met Rosie, you’ve done nothing but get yourself in trouble!

Micah turns around and looks at Kalia. If there’s one thing he knows about himself is that he explodes whenever someone talks badly about Rosie; his family, his friends at the beginning of their friendship, and now the girl he thought he saw himself with for the rest of his life.

Micah: First of all, Kalia, you don’t know her. You don’t know a goddamn thing about Roe and I swear to God you have no fucking right to talk badly about her! Do you understand?!

Kalia: *disgustingly* Do you hear yourself?! You’re defending her, over me, your girlfriend? How backwards does that sound, Micah? I don’t have to know that skank to know she’s the reason you’re like this!

She went there and the reflex comes in. He walks over to Kalia and backs her into a wall.

Micah: I guess I didn’t make myself clear the first time. *aggressively* You have no fucking right to talk bad about Rosie because you don’t fucking know her. So if I ever hear you call her any type of name ever again, there are going to be problems because quite frankly, she treats me like an actual fucking human being, unlike you.

Kalia: *yells* Get out!

Micah: *yells* Gladly!

Micah turns around and walks towards the front door; Kalia angrily yells at Micah.

Kalia: We are through, Micah! You hear me! THROUGH!

Micah slams the front door shut. He begins to see flashing lights of a camera from across the street. Micah shamefully hides his face and runs away from the complex. So much for a summer-fill of being with Kalia.

— The End —

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