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Too Little, Too Late (Pt. III): A Scene.

A 23-year-old man, Micah, is running down the block past people walking calmly beside him. His dreadlocks are bouncing with every step he takes. Two people trailing behind him, Tanner & Daniella, are running in the direction Micah is. They are getting tired with each step they take.

The automatic doors open in front of the hospital and Micah looks both ways to find a reception desk. He runs to the right when he seems a woman walking behind a desk area. Moments later, Tanner & Daniella catch up to him.

Micah slows down once he reaches the desk. He catches his breath before saying anything.

Micah: Hi, can you tell me where Rosie Delgado is? I got a call from a nurse saying she was here.

Tanner and Daniella stop a couple of feet away from Micah, just watching him from afar.

Receptionist: *searching the computer* Yes, there’s a Rosie Delgado in the emergency department. *looks behind Micah* Are all three of you here for Ms. Delgado?

Micah turns around to see Tanner and Daniella standing there.

Daniella: No, no, we’re just here with him.

Receptionist: *nods and looks back at Micah* Are you a family member, sir? We can only allow family members to see Ms. Delgado at the moment.

Micah panics; his eyes are racing and looking at everything around him. Tanner & Daniellalook at each other, just as worried for Micah. Micah gathers his thoughts and looks back at the receptionist.

Micah: She’s pregnant, and I’m the father of the baby, ma’am.

The receptionist raises her eyebrows and looks at the computer. She looks back at Micah.

Receptionist: Are you Ms. Delgado’s emergency contact?

Micah: Yes, I am.

Receptionist: Can I get a form of identification please?

Micah digs into his pocket and takes out his wallet; he hands the receptionist the ID card.

Receptionist: *reading the card* Salem Micah Kamalani?

Tanner widens his eyes; he’s shocked at Micah’s official government name. 

Micah: Yes. I might be down as just Micah though.

Receptionist: Ahh, I see. Well, the emergency department is on the third floor. You can enter the room when the doctor calls you, but your two friends have to stay in the waiting room.

Micah: Thank you.

Micah races up the stairs while Tanner & Daniella follow behind him.

Once Micah reaches the third floor, he runs to the desk up there and repeats the information he told the receptionist downstairs. This time, Tanner & Daniella hang back and immediately sit down in the waiting area. 

The woman at the desk points to the door on the right, and Micah rushes to the door while thanking the woman at the desk. He walks to the hallway and scans the halls. A doctor comes out of a room and spots Micah.

Doctor: Hi, are you Ms. Delgado’s emergency contact?

Micah: *turns around* Hi, Uhm, yes I am, I’m- I’m Micah Kamalani is- is Rosie okay? Is the baby okay?

Doctor: Both girls are doing okay.

Micah’s thoughts instantly stop. Rosie’s having a girl. Another Rosie. Possibly Rosie’s twin. He smiles in awe but instantly gets sad. He could’ve lost both of them tonight.

Micah: What happened?

Doctor: A woman named Natalie Cleminstein called. She said she found her unconscious on the floor with multiple bruises on her body. Those weren’t self-inflicted though. She self-harmed in some vital areas but thankfully we were able to stop the bleeding before any major damage was done. She did lose a large amount of blood to the point where it did start causing some stress to the baby, but we were able to get everything leveled out and under control.

Micah takes in the information. His eyebrows scrunch together; he’s in deep thought. He remembers Rosie calling Natalia one of her best friends from college. 

Micah: Did Nat- I mean, Natalie say anything else? How she found her? Anything?

Doctor: From what I recall, Ms. Delgado was at a man’s house that Ms. Cleminstein was visiting. Ms. Delgado was distraught and ran off. Ms. Cleminstein tried going after her, but Ms. Delgado had already left.

Micah: *anxiously* Did she say who the guy was?!

Doctor: I’m sorry, sir, I don’t have that information. If you excuse me, I’m just going to get a couple of Ms. Delgado’s test results ready when she wakes up. You are more than welcome to sit in her room for the time being and visit her.

Micah: *sighs* Thank you, Doctor.

The doctor walks away and Micah is now standing in front of a hospital room door. He takes a deep breath and enters the room. His eyes are instantly stuck on Rosie. She has multiple black and bruises on her arms, and her lip is busted up and swollen. Her eyes are dark and bruised and there are multiple areas on her body covered in bandages. His eyes get watery and he looks away. He takes a deep breath and sits next to Rosie. She doesn’t budge.

Micah: I’m so sorry, Roe. I shouldn’t have let you out of my sight. I should’ve had said the things I said. They weren’t true, Roe. You’re not those horribles things. You’re so fucking amazing and I wish you were able to see that. You deserve the fucking world. You deserve every good thing this world has to offer, Roe.

He intently looks at Rosie.

Micah: I fucking love you, Rosie. I’m not just saying that now either, I- I really mean it. Always have, always will. You’re a fucking gem, Roe. You and your snarky responses and your loud, gut laugh you do when something’s really funny. You’re head-banging music you’d play on Saturday mornings just so I don’t sleep in too late. You yelling at the TV at every woman on those reality shows you binge-watched…

He looks at Rosie’s stomach.

Micah: But my favorite thing you do is whenever I find you talking to it- *deep breath* when you talk to her. It’s a girl, Roe. It’s a fucking girl! I’m totally outnumbered now. I already know she’s going to be your mini-me. She’s going to have wild curly hair and the brightest pale brown eyes. Oh man, she’s going to be sarcastic as fuck. *laughs* I’m going to have to come up with some dad comebacks because the month on her is going to send me straight to the grave… oh and the boys? Roe, you know she’s not going to date until I’m dead, right? Any boy she crushes on or hits on her is wishing for early death. God, am I already being too dad-like? Heh, she’s not even here yet and I feel like I’m the overprotective dad type already.

Micah’s smile vanishes when his mind comes back to reality.

Micah: Roe… I could’ve lost you both tonight. I- I don’t know what I would’ve done if I did. I-

Micah looks up at the ceiling to stop his eyes from watering. He takes in a deep breath and looks back down at Rosie.

Micah: I’m so fucking thankful for you both.

Micah takes Rosie’s hand and kisses it. He gets up from the chair beside Rosie and walks out to let Tanner & Daniella know what’s going on. 

Returning to the waiting room, he sees a man yelling at the woman at the desk. He’s demanding to see someone and the woman is refusing to let him in. He bangs on the desk and walks away. He rubs his mouth while turning around and he’s Micah standing there.

The man was Prescott fucking Jones. Micah is fuming, and Tanner notices. He tries to get Micah before he causes a scene, but it’s just a little too late.

Micah: *angrily* What the fuck are you doing here?

Prescott: Ahh, Kamalani! Long time no see! Too bad it had to be under these circumstances, am I right?

Micah: *furious* Get the fuck out of here.

Prescott: Can’t do that, buddy! I gotta make sure Rosie is okay, y’ know? Gotta see if she’s learned her lesson after getting herself in some deep trouble.

Micah: You fucking left those bruises on her, didn’t you?

Prescott: That bitch was asking for it. She pretty much blackmailed me for her to crash in my place with that baby of hers. *sucks teeth* I should’ve thought twice about hitting it that one drunken night…

Micah: *defensive* She isn’t fucking yours, she’s mine!

Prescott: Wow, it’s a girl? Bummer. She’ll probably grow up to be a fuck up like Rosie. Like mother like daughter, am I right? *laughs* Hey, you think that baby is gonna be a slut like Rosie?

Micah swings at Prescott and gets him on the ground. Push after push; he can’t seem to stop. Prescott throws a couple of punches at Micah, fighting back. Tanner jumps in and tries to pull Micah away from Prescott, while a security guard that was called into the waiting room tries to pull Prescott. Bloody mouthes, bruises, and bloody noses later, the fight breaks and Micah tries to get out of Tanner’s grip.

Micah: Don’t you ever fucking talk about them like that, you dickhead! What man fucking beat the shit outta woman, you prick!

Prescott is forcefully getting taken out of the waiting room. He smiles at Micah,

Prescott: Big mistake, man! You’ll be hearing from my lawyer, Kamalani!

Micah is now seen sitting in a doctor’s office. He’s holding up ice to his mouth and has bandages on his face. He winces in pain when the ice hits the cuts on his lip.

An older doctor, a woman named Gabby, walks into the office and looks straight at Micah. She takes a deep breath and sits at her desk chair, facing Micah. 

Gabby: So… anything you wanna tell me before I call Jennifer, your mom?

Micah takes a deep breath and shuts his eyes in pain.

Micah: Please, anyone but my mom.

— The End —

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