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Bookstore Brawl: A Scene.

Textbook prices still crippling students, report says

A girl stands behind a register restocking Test sheet packets and packets of pencils. Her hair is tied up in a bun, with a little loose curly strands around her face. She’s wearing a black denim skirt and a plain black tee; the name on her work tag reads “Rosie”.

The bookstore is quiet during this time of year; many students don’t take summer courses and Rosie does not blame them; the fact she has to spend her 9 to 5 at work instead at a beach frustrates her.

The front door of the store rings and Rosie looks to see who’s come into the store; she smiles and rolls her eyes at who it is – her best friend Micah walks in. He’s wearing a pair of light-washed denim shorts with a Hawaiian floral shirt and his dreadlocks tied up in a bun.

Rosie: What the hell are you doing on campus on this sunny ass day?

Micah leans on the counter.

Micah: I can’t see my best friend in action?

Rosie: Not when school’s out and you’re not taking summer classes.

Micah: And what makes you think that I’m not taking any classes this semester?

Rosie turns back around to face Micah.

Rosie: Because in the same breath you said “fuck summer classes, I’m spending my summer with Kalia…”

Micah rolls his eyes and Rosie’s raises her eyebrows. Kalia is Micah’s girlfriend; she’s back for the summer and stupidly of Micah, he took her back. Rosie tried to tell Micah time and time again that she’s just toying with him while she’s here in the U.S, but Micah just brushed her off, told her she’s just jealous all of his time is now spent with Kalia. Ugh, as if.

Micah: Well, Kalia is working, so I had to find something to do while she does her acting thingymabob.

Rosie: *sarcastically* Gosh, Micah, I’m so honored to be your second and last choice to hang out with!

Micah walks around the store and pretends to not to hear Rosie. She turns back around to continue her work. Micah looks at Rosie for attention. He walks back up to the counter.

Micah: So, what are we doing when you get off from work?

Rosie: *turns around and starts pricing things with the price gun* Sorry, Micah, I already got plans.

Micah: Are you serious? With who?

Rosie: Natalie and her boyfriend, me and Prescott–

Micah makes a gagging noise to the sound of Prescott’s name. Rosie points the price gun to Micah and a sticker flies out towards him.

Micah: I can’t believe you’re still dating that asshole.

Rosie: *defensive* Just how you’re back dating that bitch.

Micah: You don’t even know Kalia like that; at least I know Prescott “fuckboy” Jones.

Rosie rolls her eyes in frustration; she keeps doing her job until she looks at the clock; 5 more minutes until her shift ends.

Rosie: Are you gonna buy something, Kamalani – or can I finally start counting down my drawer?

Micah: No need to get snappy with me Delgado, I’ll get something…

Micah walks towards the fridges of drinks. Meanwhile, the bell on the front door rings again. Micah looks at Rosie, who now has a smirk on her face looking at the person who came in.

Rosie: Hey, babe, I was just–

Prescott: Are you done yet? The fact that I’m on this goddamn campus during the summer break is annoying as it is.

Rosie: You could’ve picked me up at my apartment if you didn’t–

Prescott: I’m here now, so it doesn’t matter.

Rosie doesn’t say anything. Another customer comes into the store and heads straight to the counter. She politely asks the customer how she could help him, and he smiles and asks for a MetroCard for the bus. Keeping a smile on her face, she goes through the transaction smoothly and wishes the guy a nice ride home. The guys laughs and exits, and Prescott is fuming. Micah is still in the back looking for a drink, but more so is listening to what’s happening up front.

Prescott: What the fuck was that?

Rosie: *confused* What are you talking about?

Prescott: Were you just flirting with another guy in front of my face?

Rosie: *frustrated* It’s called customer service, Prescott, y’know it’s only about 98% of what my job is.

Prescott walks towards Rosie and grabs her by the arm. He squeezes it tight and Rosie winces in pain.

Rosie: Prescott, what the fuck–

Prescott: I don’t care, you don’t do that kind of shit in front of me; it’s disrespectful, you got that?

Micah’s fight or flight response kicks in, and he finds himself walking towards the front counter. Rosie rips her arm away from Prescott’s grip and holds the area where his grip was.

Micah: Yo, man you don’t talk to a girl like that, yet alone grab her like that; the hell is wrong with you?

Rosie: *through her teeth* Micah.

Prescott looks at Micah almost immediately after he heard his voice.

Prescott: Look who it is: Kama-fuckin’-lani. How long have you’ve been in here with my girlfriend by yourself? Always want someone else’s piece of ass, huh?

Micah looks at Rosie, not understanding why she’s allowing him to talk about her this way. It wasn’t like Rosie at all to let people disrespect her, so what hold does this asshole have on her?

Micah: She’s my best friend, asshole, and I don’t like the way you treat her like she’s just some useless object. She’s your girlfriend, for God’s sake.

Prescott: How about you stop telling me how to run my relationship, Mr. Phil. Get the hell out of here already, Rosie and I are going out after her shift anyway.

Micah: Why, so you can beat the shit out of her in your car like the last time?

Rosie: *angry* Micah!

Prescott: *at Rosie* You tell this son of a bitch that I beat you up? You like to make up lies about me?

Rosie looks panicked and Micah hates that she looks so vulnerable when she’s never like this. He needs to do something before he ends up doing something inside the bookstore. The fact of the matter is that yes, Rosie came over to Micah’s place bruised up from an altercation with Prescott and told him what happened. Rosie knows what’s going on, yet she doesn’t leave the guy.

Micah: She didn’t tell me, I saw it with my own eyes! You guys were parked outside my damn apartment anyway! What kind of man beats up a woman? A pussy ass guy, that’s what.

Prescott walks towards Micah and is now face-to-face with him.

Prescott: You didn’t see shit, Kamalani. Just how you didn’t see this.

Prescott sucker punches Micah in the face, which instantly knocks him to the floor. Prescott walks over him and out of the store. Rosie runs from behind the counter to help Micah.

Rosie: Micah, are you okay?!

Micah holds his bloody nose while Rosie gets him some tissues.

Rosie: Are you fucking insane? Why would you do such a goddamn stupid thing?

Micah cleans himself up, but is angry at Rosie’s reaction.

Micah: Are you fucking kidding me, Roe? You’re defending that asshole?

Rosie: Micah, you provoked him to do this! You couldn’t have mind your own business in first place?!

Micah can’t believe what he’s hearing. He takes the tissues from Rosie’s hand and gets up on his own. Rosie is looking at him waiting for a response. Micah just laughs in disbelief.

Micah: You’re not a dumb person, Roe. I hope you’re able to make the right decision before the motherfucker kills you.

Micah storms out of the bookstore while Rosie sits on the floor. She doesn’t move.

— The End —

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