Overexposed: A Self-Love Project.

Overexposed: The Grudge Collector.


Sometimes, I believe that the kindest and nicest people hold the biggest and longest grudges ever.

Perhaps it’s because we’re not confrontational and we’re constantly shoving things under the rug when things bother us that they just turn into grudges. We think that if we just internalize our feelings towards problems and such, they would resolve on their own. What happens instead is they turn into grudges, and now it’s more than just a problem you have with a situation or another person. It’s now something that affects you on the psychological level.

Hi, my name is Liz, and I hold some really nasty grudges.

I’ve always been a person that felt all the emotions and there were always extreme. I love hard, I care hard, and I get angry just as hard, especially when the issue presents itself more than once in situations. Even though I’m human and I’m allowed to feel`emotions other than happiness and such, I never allowed myself to reflect on my anger and tell myself why I was even angry in the first place for a huge chunk of my life. Sadly, it’s resulted in a lot of grudge-holding in my life.

There are some people who can live perfectly fine with the grudges they keep; to them, their grudges are just something reminding them that the toxic and bad people that were once in their lives have no place in their lives in the present day. For me, they are constant reminders that I hold onto parts of my past self that I wish I didn’t, and any sight or thought of the person I hold a grudge with brings everything back and it’s not the healthiest thing to be doing at my age.

I mentioned many times before on the blog that 2020 was the year that I was going to forgive myself for my past, my actions, and the people who I may have hurt or hurt me to finally stop carrying it on my shoulders like baggage. In this first half of 2020, I’ve made some revelations, breakthroughs, and made some moves in order to forgive myself and the things that happened, and a lot of this work happened because of therapy. I learned ways to take responsibility and accept that it happened.

Within this process, I was able to recall in detail everything that happened within the last decade and be brutally honest about it, despite how I felt about anything that would “tarnish” my image. Just being open and honest to that extent helped me kickstart this journey of forgiveness, but half of that journey also meant that I had to deal with my grudges.

Once they latch onto you, they suck you dry until you’re too exhausted to want to deal with them anymore.

I have grudges I’ve held since I was in high-school. The people who hurt me the most are still some of the people that I hold the strongest grudges for. I don’t want to ever know how they are doing, or if they’re doing well, what they are up to, or how their own growth has transpired. These people who I hold grudges with are somewhat dead in my world; they don’t exist, and I try to erase every memory I ever had with them. To some extent, I hold some grudges about my last relationship. They were simply things I wish happened differently and that I spoke up about. In a sense, I hold a grudge towards the person I was in that relationship, and present me hates the fact that past me let so many things slide and left so many things unsaid. Will I ever let go of that grudge? Honestly, that relationship ended 10 months ago; yet it still feels like it was just yesterday that everything came crashing down.

Slowly but surely, I am letting the grudges of my 18-year-old self just eat those old parts of me and leave me for good. That girl, the one who was the second girl in two different relationships, the one where she almost got raped for trusting a boy too soon, the one that lived in fear for a year straight due to Facebook death threats, the one where she was so broken inside that she cried on the bathroom floor for nights on end and cut herself with her own sharp fingernails and countlessly wrote poetry about wanting to die – that girlShe’s dying inside of me, and the grudges towards the people in this time period are being let go for my own mental health. To the lover that kept me then swept me and then watched everyone turn against me, I forgive you. To the person who explicitly wrote the many ways they wanted to kill me and my family, I forgive you. To the guy that thought I was easy and tried to have sex with me when I continuously said no and you called it “stubbornness”, I forgive you. To the person I was, I’m forgiving you.

Getting over my past relationship is now a whole new thing I’m slowly trying to let go as well. To move on from the last 10 years of my life just an overnight job; it’s surely not a 10-month job as well. The grudges I hold within that situation are present and I’m trying my hardest to not let it become a decade long grudges like my others. I’m confident enough that I’m mature enough to not let it get to that point; to be as forgiving as possible but keeping a healthy level of resentment because I know what my self-worth finally is.

So, some of the nicest and kindest people are the ones who hold the longest grudges because they avoid confrontation and project their issues to themselves.

Too bad that’s not me anymore. I will tell you how shit is these days.

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