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The Night They Knew (Part II): A Scene.

*You can read the first part of this scene here.*

Hospitals can save billions by improving operational efficiencies ...

Mollie, with her hair messily in a bun and her dress colored with Weston’s blood, is seen walking back and forth in the waiting room, waiting to hear anything from Weston’s doctor. Weston’s mother and twin brother arrived at the hospital 15 minutes after they did in the ambulance, and both of them has said nothing to her about Weston. 

As Mollie continues pacing in the waiting room, she spots her sister Jennifer, and her husband, Milo. Shit, Milo Jr. must’ve told them what happened.

Jennifer and Milo spot Mollie, and instantly run towards her.

Jennifer: Mol, what the hell were you thinking? *notices the bloody dress* Are you hurt?!

Mollie: I’m fine. It’s not my blood.

Jennifer looks at Milo, and he looks at Milo.

Milo: I’ll go find your aunt, Pep.

Milo runs out of the emergency room to try to find Jennifer’s aunt, who is a doctor at the hospital.

Back in the waiting room, Jennifer is trying to calm down Mollie. 

Jennifer: What the hell happened? Where were you?

Mollie: What, Milo didn’t tell you the whole story?

Jennifer: *angry* Mollie.

Mollie: I was with Weston, okay? I went to see him at his place.

Jennifer: *stressed* Mol, he lives in a bad neighborhood, what the hell were you thinking? You could’ve got yourself hurt, or killed!

Mollie: *yells* Don’t you think I know that? I should fucking be in that hospital bed, not him!

Jennifer: *confused* What?

The in-patient door opens and Weston’s mother is shown walking out, talking to someone on her cellphone. Her eyes are visibly red and puffy. Jennifer looks at Mollie’s dress once more and puts two-and-two together. Milo comes back and Jennifer immediately asks for his denim jacket. He gives it to her and then Jennifer gives it to Mollie to cover up her dress.

Milo: Your aunt is in her office, Pep.

Jennifer: *turns back around towards Mollie* Go into Aunt Gabby’s office; Mom is gonna be on her way and she can’t see you out here looking like this.

Mollie: And what do I tell Aunt Gabby?

Milo: She knows you’re here, Mollie.

The door opens and Gabby, Mollie and Jennifer’s aunt, call out for a “Mollie Sue Castro” as if she was a patient. Mollie turns around and walks towards the door. Jennifer and Milo leave the waiting room.

Mollie sits on top of the hospital bed while Gabby checks Mollie out to see if she’s okay. After finishing up, Gabby tosses her plastic gloves in the trash bin and sits across from Mollie in her office chair. 

Gabby: So, you’re gonna tell me what happened before your mom gets here?

Mollie: *sighs* I went to see Weston at his place. All I wanted to do was see him. Spend time with him. Get my mind off of everything happening in my life.

Gabby: And what did you tell your mom?

Mollie: That I was going to Milo’s to hang out… did you tell my mom that I was here?

Gabby: No, I didn’t even know Weston and you were here until Jennifer called me. She told me your mother called her worried that you weren’t home by midnight. Then you called her, saying you were at the hospital. She had to tell your mom where you were.

Mollie rubs her eyes with her palms.

Mollie: She’s gonna kill me.

Gabby: I’ll try talking to her. Why didn’t you and Weston just go to the movies or out for dinner or something? Why did it have to be at his place? Were his parents even home?

Mollie: *annoyed* Aunt Gabby, please.

Gabby: I’m sorry, Mollie. I’m just trying to understand what happened. I know you know better than to go into a bad neighborhood at that hour of the night. What was so special that…

Gabby stops her train of thought once she realizes that Mollie’s face is turning red and getting uncomfortable sitting on the hospital bed. Gabby rolls her seat closer to Mollie.

Gabby: Just get some rest, hun.

Gabby gets up from the chair and walks out of the office to get back to her job. Mollie curls up on the bed in the office and falls asleep.

Time passes by and Lydia, Mollie’s mother is seen walking fast into the waiting room. Walking to the desk, she demands she knows where her daughter is. The woman at the desk insists that no one from that name was admitted into the hospital, which Lydia refuses to believe. She looks to her right and sees a familiar face; Weston’s mother. His mother is bouncing her leg in nervousness, reading a magazine to get her mind off of what’s happening. Lydia is confused until she hears her name being called by a doctor. It’s her sister, Gabby. Lydia walks towards her sister.

Lydia: Where the hell is Mollie? Jennifer said she was here.

Gabby: She’s in my office, resting.

Lydia walks angrily past Gabby towards the direction of her office. Gabby goes after Lydia.

Gabby: Lydia, wait!

Lydia: *turns around* Let me handle my own daughter, Gab. This doesn’t involve you.

Gabby: You got to go easy on her. She’s not in the right headspace right now.

Lydia: And she wasn’t when she decided to see Weston without anyone knowing!

Gabby: Lyd, she’s covered in the boy’s blood for God’s sake.

Lydia: *eyes widen* What?

Gabby: Weston is in critical condition. A couple of neighborhood thugs beat him up after sticking up for Mollie. A stranger called the cops and ambulance for them. I know you saw Weston’s mother in the waiting room.

Lydia: Was… was Mollie…?

Gabby: No, she ran before the guys could do anything. Jennifer said she said she ran back to Weston’s place crying and scared. I can only assume Weston was defending Mollie.

Lydia drops her purse off from her shoulder and leans against the wall of the hallway. Gabby walks in front of Lydia.

Gabby: Lydia, this is bigger than what you think it may be. This wasn’t just some rebellious act on Mollie’s end.

Lydia: *angrily* When isn’t a rebellious act of Mollie’s? Y’know, I sometimes don’t understand what goes on in that girl’s mind. It’s like she purposely makes these bad decisions just to cause me a heart attack, I swear. She’s always been like this; it’s just gotten even worse as she grew up.

Gabby: I think they love each other, Lyd.

Lydia scrunches her eyebrows and folds her arms across her chest. 

Lydia: What are you talking about?

Gabby: Mollie practically cried herself to sleep in my office. She got to the hospital just repeating how it should’ve been her in a hospital bed, not Weston. She’s worried sick about him. I never saw Mollie as vulnerable as I saw her tonight, Lydia. She cares a lot about this boy and judging from his actions, he does too.

Lydia ponders the thought. She’s looking up and down the hallway, trying to fathom everything that’s happened tonight. 

Gabby: Instead of yelling at her when she wakes up and grounding her for the rest of her life, I suggest talking to her about this. Some teenage puppy love doesn’t land one of them fighting for their lives in the hospital and the other one covered in their blood.

Lydia looks at Mollie through the tiny window in Gabby’s office; she’s peaceful for the first time tonight. She turns around and exhales heavily.

Lydia: She’s too young to know what being in love is like, Gab. She’s only 18.

Gabby: *annoyed* Just how you fell in love with Shawn and got pregnant with Jennifer when you were 17?

Lydia: Yeah, and look where him and I are at now: divorced!

Gabby: That doesn’t excuse the fact that you were in love with him when you were Mollie’s age. It’s not impossible and you know it.

Lydia: *defeated* So what am I suppose to do? I doubt Weston’s mother is going to want Mollie anywhere near her son. They aren’t gonna stay from each other if it’s that serious.

Gabby: *shrugs* That’s a conversation further down the road. All I’m saying is to take an easy on Mollie. Sure, she made a dumb decision, but you made dumb decisions at her age as well.

A nurse walks up to Gabby and hands her a clipboard for a patient. Gabby takes off her lanyard to unlock the door of her office. 

Gabby: Try not to scare her, Lydia. I’ll be back in a few.

Gabby walks in the other direction and Lydia takes a moment before entering her sister’s office. Mollie will surely be the death of her. 

— The End —

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