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25 Things That Happened/I Learned While Being 25.


Dear, guys – welcome back to Letters From Liz!

These posts are some of my favorite to write, just because this post is pretty much what started the blog in the first place, but it does allow me to reflect on the many things I’ve done and learned right before a new year starts. Last year, we did twenty-four, and now it’s time to say goodbye to one of the best years I think I had in a really long time, twenty-five.

Things That Happened:

  1. I went to my first party in about 7 years with my partner and his friends despite having really bad social anxiety.
  2. I began working on the journal article with my former professor and now friend, Ro.
  3. I cut my hair even shorter during the summertime and wore dresses for the first time since… god knows when.
  4. I started a series on the blog discussing my journey through loving my body for what it is and gaining the confidence I now have living in it.
  5. Kpop, especially the group X1, literally saved my life this year.
  6. Despite my therapist being on maternity leave for most of the year, with her guidance and advice, I was able to practice the things I learned in therapy in the outside world.
  7. I went for a couple of job interviews and met some cool people along the way.
  8. I finally landed a job at my old college’s bookstore.
  9. I got two new additions to my tattoo collection: a bouquet of flowers, and a frown and smile face.
  10. I got to meet some amazing people at my job these last couple of months.
  11. I broke up with my partner of ten years.
  12. I “came out” as demiromantic.

Things I’ve Learned:

  1. Despite fearing social interactions and events, it’s always better to try to face your fears than let them swallow you up. Challenge those fears!
  2. Passions will only live on if you’re willing to keep them alive, and that includes the passion you have for the path of career you’d want in the future.
  3. Confidence doesn’t have a size tag on it, so challenge society standards and feel good in whatever you feel good wearing/styling your hair/etc.
  4. it’s important to have the time and space to unwind your week an talk about yourself with a professional; not everyone that is depressed, anxious, or “crazy” speaks to a therapist! The advice and life lessons you learn in therapy help guide you to a better life.
  5. You will only get better at doing things if you’re out there doing them in the first place.
  6. Sometimes, the places that you’re not looking at first become the places that notice your potential.
  7. You sometimes have to say “fuck it” and do what you want to do.
  8. By socializing and not being afraid of being yourself, you will find other human beings that will actually like you for you, not the version you want people to see.
  9. Listening to your soul and the growth you’re experiencing is essential to living, no matter how difficult and hard the outcome and healing will be.
  10. Being self-aware of the behaviors and patterns you have can sometimes mean something else, and it’s up to you to accept you for how you come.
  11. Assertiveness is achievable, and it will show you just how much respect you deserve from yourself and those around you.
  12. The things you tolerated earlier in life can now become the things that are the dealbreakers in life, and that’s okay – it just means you’re growing up!
  13. Embrace yourself for every little damn quirk you have, and never be ashamed of being yourself, no matter how much of a “good weirdo” you are.

Bon voyage, 25 – and hello to the second half of my twenties, beginning at 26.

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