Self-Appreciation Saturdays

SAS: Be Who You Are To Others To Yourself. (10/19/19)

self-appreciation saturday

Dear, guys – welcome back to Letters From Liz!

How did everyone’s week go? I hope that it went as smooth as possible for you guys so that now you can relax for the weekend!

So, here’s a fun little story:

I’ve got some cool-ass co-workers. Like, they are possibly some of the coolest and most laid back people I’ve met in a professional setting like this, and I’m glad for my first job to have such a great group of people like them. I’ve definitely got more opportunities to get closer to some (same shifts back-to-back) and because of that, I’m definitely getting more comfortable to have deeper conversations about life rather than the typical workplace convos.

I was texting one of my co-workers after finding out she was also a big Shane Dawson & Jeffree Star fan and was following the same series I was watching as well. In true Liz form, I had to text her my thoughts on last week’s episode because there was just a lot to take in! So, we did that, but then the conversation shifted a bit when she started to worry that she didn’t feel like she has any motivations or passions she can act on and work towards. Again in true Liz nature, I offered her some advice and reassurance that everything will play itself out as she matures and experiences life some more (I mean, she’s 22, yet I’m talking as if there’s a 10-year age difference between us). She appreciated the kind words and because it was hitting close to midnight, we ended the conversation after a while.

It made me think that even for a person I only knew existed two months ago in August, I was still able to give her some honest advice that I truly believed in; I was once 22 feeling those same things right after graduating from college. Yeah, I was in grad school, but I still felt like I didn’t have any passions to fall back on; the only one I had was screenwriting which didn’t work out in the end. Because I know the feeling quite well, I was able to give some advice that I hope gave her some relief that she’s on the right path.

Possibly some of my wounded empath personality traits are healing?

But in all seriousness, the conversation truly made me wonder about giving myself some reassurance about the worries I have on life. Why is it so easy to help others out and believe the advice you give them, but when you give yourself advice, you don’t take it or believe it?

Maybe it’s more complicated than just telling myself what I have to do in order to heal. Maybe it’s the fear that I might be lying to myself about how I truly feel or something. Maybe I just overthink the scenarios if I acted upon them in the advice I give out. It’s definitely a weird game of devil’s advocate, so how do I stop doing that? How do people who believe the advice they give to others start believing it for themselves and their own problems?

I say we just have to practice doing so. We have to be confident enough with the advice we give out to others that we are able to literally practice what we preach.

For me, I’m learning that as time passes.

You honestly have to be your own support system, cheerleader, therapist, life counselor; pretty much your own damn fanbase in life because no one is going to go hard for you like you. 

So, why not believe in the things you believe for others and why not be the person you are for others for yourself?

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