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Day 16: Stories I’m Working On! (Part III)


Dear, guys – welcome back to Letters From Liz!

If there’s one thing I like my mind to be occupied on, it’s the different varieties of stories I have played out in my head that influence me to write some scenes and dialogues and sometimes post them on here! Being creative in this matter helps me distract my mind from reality in all honesty, and it just allows me to focus on something that isn’t so harsh to my mental health.

But, with that being said, here are some stories I’ve been working on:

1.) The Secret Affair of Two Defense Lawyers

This storyline was inspired by a visual novel on Episode entitled Toothbrush by Lucky, and I recommend anyone that likes to read visual novels to download the app and read this story first! Anyway, the main character that is used in this AI of this story is a woman that goes by Grace. She is the daughter of these two fun-loving characters and after getting her degree in law, she is now one of NYC’s top-dog lawyers. She works for a prestigious law firm that handles some of the biggest cases in the city, and when she gets on board to defend a rich family for identity fraud, she discovers her partner to be quite a handsome man, if I say so myself. His name is Maxwell, Max for short. He was born overseas to a predominantly poor family; scholarships and hard work got him to the place he is now. He’s sort of a goofball, yet he’s serious when it comes to his job and getting the answers he needs to obtain a good case for his clients. At first, Grace wasn’t really happy with the add-on, she works better on her own, as she always had, but her boss insists that “two lawyers are better than one for the Mayberry family”, and so the rest is history. While the two get to know each other and work on this “sketchy” case, things between them get… steamy. But what happens when some evidence of the case gets into the wrong hands? Grace gets his suspicions that Max isn’t who he says he is, and Max thinks the same about his very closed-in partner, Grace. What happens? I’m not sure yet!

Prior to this revamp of Grace’s character, she was following the footsteps of her mother, who became a world-known dancer by the time she was 26. After Grace became a college freshman, I didn’t know what direction I should take her, and for awhile her story ended there. But, I really like Grace as a character because she’s truly a resemblance of her mother, Mollie: a workaholic, passionate, and totally independent that really doesn’t need anyone! But, they are both very vulnerable characters behind closed doors and I really wanted to explore that with Grace after doing so with Mollie for years. This storyline very much reminds me of Holder and Linden’s relationship (minus the romance) in The Killing, and I guess I just always have to go back to the show where my inspiration started. I’m totally going to write a scene about these two for the second half of Blogust!

2.) The Abandoned Movie Theater

If you guys didn’t read the scene between Rosie and Micah earlier this month, I advise you to do so because this synopsis will make a lot more sense! Anyway, Micah Kamalani is the middle child of the Kamalani family. With his older, half-brother following his father footsteps in the music education career path and his younger teenage twin sisters who are a handful on their own, Micah is pretty much forgotten in the family. This causes Micah to act out a little bit; he’ll get in trouble every now and then, he goes things without his parent’s permission (he got his nose pierced and a tattoo both on his 17th birthday), and although his family loves him to death, they slowly lose their grasp on him by the time he turns 20. Micah is in college for music, but he has bigger dreams than just teaching it in school; he wants to play it for thousands of people one day and even produce some hit songs for the biggest names in the music industry. Rosie Delgado, on the other hand, is a 20-year-old girl who is attending college for art. She’s introduced in this short story, but after this story ends, she decides she wants to leave Philidelphia and head up north to NYC. She wants to take her passion and learn more about it so that she can make a life for herself. Of course, coming from nothing isn’t easy when starting your life in a different environment, so she works at the campus bookstore to help pay for the things she needs in order to survive. Micah and Rosie meet, and the beginning of their complicated relationship begins. Micah isn’t a broken soul as much as Rosie is, but he understands where Rosie comes from when she explains to Micah how it’s really her against the world. What Micah doesn’t know is that he got himself involved with a girl that has an even crazier and violent past back in Philidelphia. She’s secretive about something, and Micah is determined to find it out. Hence, he finds her walking into an abandoned movie theater. He confronts Rosie about it, and she admits that this abandoned movie theater is where she lives.

Rosie, in this universe I created for a fiction class back in college, is a runaway teen in Philidelphia and she finds herself wanting a way out of the street kid life, but she is already so deep into it. She has an abusive boyfriend that pimps other girls out, and sometimes that requires Rosie to do the same for money in order for her to survive. The money she does have and lends to her boyfriend goes straight to drugs, which Rosie never wanted a part of and never wanted to try. So, when she finds the opportunity to get herself out of the toxic environment surrounded by her boyfriend and drug-addicted “friends”, she takes it. She anonymous calls the police about a tip in a case they are working on, and the police raids the place and takes everyone in, as well as Rosie. Detective Sam Hudson, the man that got the call about this tip, notices that Rosie is different: she’s not doped-up on drugs like everyone else, she’s not fighting her way out of the interrogation room. Hudson talks to her and then that’s how the short story starts.

I really wanted to add Rosie to the universe that I’m usually busy creating, and decided that Rosie would be a fit into Micah’s life. They are both misfits in their own way, but they both are just troubled young adults wishing someone would pay attention to them, and they truly do confine in each other to be each other’s support system. They both see each other, or do they? Hmmm…


That’s pretty much the two main stories that I’m working on currently! Let me know if you’d like me to write some scenes about some of these stories in the future!

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