Self-Appreciation Saturdays

SAS: Always Keep Going! (3/30/19)

self-appreciation saturday

Dear, guys – welcome back to Letters from Liz!

March pretty much flew by, don’t you think? I mean, April is literally in two days and this time next month, it’s going to be warmer, brighter, and less gloomy and cold. 

While everyone is getting ready to wrap up their productive school years and preparing for the summer season in a couple of months, it’s quite easy to fall in that rabbit hole yourself. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a break just like everyone else, but personally, for me, I feel like I’ve had enough rest and now I’m ready to have a normal, functional routine where I’m productive, and I’m doing what I love.

Being in the job-hunting process is an exhausting one, and even when you’re doing the work needed to find and apply to jobs, it just seems like the rest of the world looks at you as being “lazy” or “unmotivated”. It’s just hard out in these streets to find and land a good job, y’all!

So, when you feel like you’re just walking down rejection lane and see the warmer weather coming, it makes you wanna stop looking and pushing yourself towards the end. You tell yourself, “ehhh, jobs aren’t really looking for people during the summer, so I’m going to take a break and enjoy myself.” Again, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy the warm weather and scenery, but as someone who is working towards something, it’s very crucial to keep on going and working towards your goal.

It’s so easy to get sidetracked and unfocused on the big picture in hand, and when you do that, you might be missing out on job openings and other opportunities that are being put out there! Someone is always working on something, someone is always looking for extra hands, and someone is always looking for someone with the skills and knowledge that you have that they may need. Don’t just assume just because society turns off their productivity from school and work during the summer, doesn’t mean that everyone out there is.

At the end of the day, it’s important to keep your eye on your goal at all times. If you’re looking to find that job, if you’re looking to take your passion project to the next step, or if you’re looking to improve on anything in your life, it should always be something that you’re focused on doing, despite what everyone else is doing.

So enjoy the warmer weather, you deserve to just like any other person on this planet! Just make sure to take some time out of your day to keep it pushing, and to keep going in your process; whatever what they are for you.

For me, it’s to finally land a damn job. 

end note

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