Self-Appreciation Saturdays

SAS: Songs to Help You Out Your Funk! (1/19/19)


Hey, guys – welcome back to TNTH!

So, you’re going through a rough patch in life. Maybe you just quit your job. Maybe you got out of a relationship recently. Or maybe, you’re just going through a depressive/anxious episode. It happens even to the best of us. Of course, it’s so easy to gravitate towards music that relates to our issues, but who wants to be even sadder when we’re already… sad? In my own personal experience, some of my most helpful times is just listening to some good, uplifting music. So today, I’m here to share some of my personal favorites, as well as the playlist of songs that get me out of my funk!

  • First and foremost, it is important that whatever music it may be, it is uplifting to you. For some, it’s some really amazing lyrics; for me, it’s a beat that I can dance to! One song I gravitate towards when I’m feeling sad is “Africa” by Ninja Sex Party. About a year ago, this song was featured in my music favorites, and to this day it still truly is. The beat is just so catchy, the chorus is so singable, and Dan Avidan highkey has a beautiful voice. Case closed.
  • Another bop for me is an oldie, but definitely a goodie! If you’re in a situation where you feel like you lost yourself along the way, “Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison will get you back up! If you were a 90’s kid, you’ll be taken back in time. You definitely heard this song on the radio as a kid, you heard it at block parties, you saw people dance to it, and it leaves me feeling like a boss. Like, it’s my comeback, and I’ll be coming back stronger than before!
  • Lastly, we gotta give a shoutout to the girl group of the 90’s: The Spice Girls. Seriously, their discography along is just an all-around feel-good experience! One song in particular, though, always has me feeling strong and worth it at the end of the day: “Do It” by Spice Girls. This song honestly encourages me to be fearless and shows me that I am capable of doing whatever I want despite my anxiety holding me back. This fun, 90’s beat also takes me back to that era (and a lot of this music will: trust me), and the lyrics are just motivational and inspiring. Come on and do it!

As for everything else, here’s my personalized Spotify playlist of these featured songs, as well as some others that I’m sure will help you out of your funk! And if not, don’t worry – make your own!

-Liz. (:

TNTH’s Feeling Good Playlist:

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