TNTH's Anniversary Blogging Celebration

24 Things That Happened/I Learned While Being 24.

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Hey, guys – welcome back to TNTH!

So, it’s January. It’s Birthday month. It’s that time of year where I share some cool and interesting things that I did and learned while being 24. When TNTH first started, I posted 22 Things That Happened/I Learned While Being 22 and during TNTH’s first birthday celebration, I posted one for 23.

So, without further ado, bon voyage to 24.

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Things That Happened:

  1. I celebrated my 24th Birthday in Poughkeepsie with my partner and his family.
  2. I completed my 42-paged Masters Thesis within the 4 months of my last semester as a grad student.
  3. I supported my partner at his first ever talent show at this job.
  4. I started seeking therapy for my anxiety disorder and depression.
  5. I presented my thesis in front of an audience for the first time at a Graduate Research Conference.
  6. I graduated from grad school with my Masters of Arts in English.
  7. I lost my grandfather to cancer during the summertime.
  8. I become a Teacher’s Assistant for my thesis advisor and presented my thesis to graduate students in a thesis panel.
  9. I’ve dealt with an extremely dark period of time due to my mental health.
  10. I spoke about my anxiety and depression publicly in front of an audience for the first time during an open-mic event.
  11. I went on my first-ever solo trip to Bangor Pennsylvania to visit my college bestie, Tori.
  12. I cut my hair into a pixie for the first time ever.

Things I’ve Learned:

  1. Make memories that you are never tired of talking about in the future because they were just that good.
  2. Your voice can still be heard through academic writing, and even more so, you will discover just how much of your voice you find through writing.
  3. Passion is more than just a product at the end of the day, it’s a process and journey.
  4. Self-awareness is a part of your journey to adulthood, and managing your mental health is just as important in your process like anything else.
  5. You must challenge yourself in uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations to finally get over certain fears and anxieties.
  6. Hard work and determination will always get you further in life.
  7. The older you get as a person, the more deaths you will experience in your life.
  8. Sometimes, reaching out for help and guidance isn’t a sign of weakness, but a door of opportunity that you may fall in love with along the way.
  9. You have to take a couple of steps back to truly figure out what is best for you in life and what you need from it.
  10. Speaking and sharing are some of the most powerful qualities to have as a human being. Everyone has a story, and it’s not easy sharing it.
  11. Taking that first step to plant something in action is the greatest step to take.
  12. You only live once, and that bucket list isn’t getting any shorter, girl.


Goodbye, 24!

-Liz. (:

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