Self-Appreciation Saturdays

SAS: Healing Isn’t a Product, it’s a Process. (10/27/18)


Hey, guys – welcome back to TNTH.

Raise your hand if this week was an extremely stressful and long one for you. I’m raising both of my hands if that helps explain the week I had. It’s okay to have those types of weeks; you are only human, remember? We feel a wide range of emotions on the daily, and that includes all the negative ones that contribute to our bad days, our bad weeks, and even our bad months.

Healing isn’t a product, nor will it ever feel like we’ve been completely healed. Healing is a long, exhausting, and tedious process, and even then we aren’t that sure how long we’ll be okay for.

I’ve come to this realization when I finally thought that I had my life figured out and controlled just a little over a month ago. I was managing my anxiety pretty well, I was leaving my house more often and being sociable, and I felt like my self-image was getting better by the days. Then suddenly, that switch went off.

To keep some of these things private as I deal with them in real time, I will not be getting into extreme details of what’s been going on with me. I am currently trying to deal with it, and I would like for only the people I already told what’s been happening to be the only people who know. But to summarize it all: my healing process took a wrong turn.

What I’ve learned about healing and its process is that it’s an extremely difficult one. It’s a series of ups and downs and uncertainty that will never have an answer. You can never be completely healed; you may heal from past experiences or dilemmas that bothered you, but who’s to say when a new situation comes about, you won’t be affected by it? I guess my point is that healing is never a product. It’s not a thing that you’ve mastered in life. It’s always going to be a process, and that process is different for everybody, every scenario, and every stage/phase in your life.

Screenshot 2018-10-26 at 12.21.15 PM - Edited.png

For those who are reading this and are in a similar state of mind, be gentle with yourself and take care of yourself in any way possible. I know personally how lonely it could be being in such a process where you think others don’t understand you or you think others are judging you; there’s a chance there is someone in your life who will listen and comfort you because they care about your well being. Sometimes, it’s the negative thoughts that are stopping you, not your fears of speaking out. I am not speaking as a survivor of this “stage in life”, I am speaking as a person currently going through it and trying to get better as well. It’s hard, it’s sacrificial, and it makes you focus and see things that you repressed in your memory and soul for months, even years on end. But the best things in life aren’t easy to get, and your process and journey of healing are worth going through to become a better version of you.


-Liz. (:

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