Self-Appreciation Saturdays

SAS: Healing Yourself When You’re a Healer. (10/20/18)


Hey, guys – welcome back to TNTH.

So, to keep it sweet and straight to the point: They are a lot of different people in this world, obviously. But there’s something we typically don’t think about a lot about people, and that’s what type of aura they carry and what kind of soul do they have. If you’re still wondering what the hell is this chick talking about, ask yourself this: have you ever saw a person for the first time and already had a judgment about them? Maybe you saw a girl that you would typically stay away from because they carry this “tough-as-nails” aura. Maybe you lean towards someone who had a friendly or bubbly aura. Almost everyone you encounter will have some sort of aura about them, and when you get to know people better, you’ll start to understand how and where that aura comes from in the first place.

In the past couple of months, I realized that what I’m passionate about and what I want my place in this world to be is me helping others. I’m a mental health advocate, I’m all about exploring your authentic voice and self, and I’m willing to help those who may feel silenced be more accepting to their voices and own their stories by expressing themselves. I like to think that my a part of my soul was meant to heal people.

Being a healer, I know how difficult it is to heal yourself when you need it.

I feel like healers have the worst judgment of themselves; they may feel like their healing process doesn’t matter or worthy enough for energy, we’re most likely insecure ourselves, we have personal issues about our image and self-worth that we try to disguise or mask most of the times, and we decompartmentalize for other people’s sake. The best example I could give of a person being a healer is YouTuber Shane Dawson; he is responsible for the “docuseries” type of videos that are being popularized on YouTube and where he goes to help other YouTubers out with their channels, images, or just themselves in general. He’s a healer, but you can clearly tell that he represses some of his own healing by helping others out, and healers seem to be known for doing that. It’s like that whole quote of “the loudest in the room is usually the weakest” or “the happiest person is usually the saddest” – I feel like the people who heal others are the ones who actually need the most healing.

So, how do you heal?

That honestly depends on how you want and how you need to heal. It’s different for every person, but it always requires you to be a little selfish with yourself. First and foremost, you had to realize that you matter and how you feel also matters and just like everyone else, you deserve to heal as well. Healers are more so selfless, and it doesn’t hurt for them to be a little bit more selfish with themselves. Acknowledge how you feel, recognize the things that are preventing you from your own process of healing. What is it that you’re masking and disguising for the world? Once you realize these things about yourself, you’ve pretty much already told yourself that you’re worth healing and are at the beginning stages of that self-awareness.

I recognize that my behavior was a warning sign that I needed to do some healing for myself. I began to not feel like myself as a person, and I began to feel disconnected from people who I loved the most. I’ve never experienced something that drastic in my life before and immediately began to be self-aware of the things that made me feel the way I felt and what type of behavior that resulted. It took me a lot of rock bottom moments to start my own healing process because a lot of the time I believed that my own struggles were not worthy enough to start my healing process. I believed that other people had it worse than I did, and focusing my energy on myself felt like I was being self-centered and selfish with myself for all the wrong reasons. But healers are human too, and we deserve to heal in whatever we need to heal from.

So to all the healers silently trying to keep their shit together for the sake of others: take care of yourself and begin your process. As my first Tori once told me: “you can’t fill someone else’s glass when yours is empty.” In other words, take care of you before you take care of anyone else! It’s possible to be your own healer as well, and it’s important that you do so.


-Liz. (:

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