Monthly Favorites

January 2018 Favorites!

Hey, guys – welcome back to TNTH!

I don’t know about you, but this month has been one of the best months I had in a really long time. We entered a new year, my birthday was this month, and I spent my vacation away from school the way I wanted to. Here are some of my top favorite things that happened or I received in the month of January:

Screenshot 2018-01-19 at 1.31.29 PM

1.) My New Coat!


For my 24th birthday, my grandparents gifted me this amazing navy blue coat. It’s not your typical puffy coat so I’m able to wear sweaters and scarfs with it, and it’s long enough to cover the behind, which is one essential I need my winter coats to do. Since I’ve received it, I’ve been wearing it on the coldest of days (it’s one of those winters) and it’s kept me warm and toasty. I know that this coat will save me from the coldest of nights when I’m traveling home from campus after my late-night classes. I’m ready for the coldest of winters!

2.) Babygirl


This is more so a December Favorite since we got Babygirl in early December, but she’s considered an oldie but goodie in my book. Meet Babygirl! She’s a 10-year-old black cat that was once an office cat at my mother and my sister’s job. Over the years, Babygirl has grown to obsess over my sister, so she decided to take her home where she can live permanently and be around her 24/7! Normally, I am strictly a dog person and the last time my family and I had a cat was when I was little (and she was NOT Nice), so having a cat after having dogs for most of my life was different. It definitely took her some time to get used to me (and me being her treat girl), but Babygirl is such a sweet and gentle cat, and all she wants out of life is to be fed and cuddled with. Welcome to the family, Babygirl!

3.) 24th Birthday & Poughkeepsie Trip

January is my birthday month, and as you guys may know, I turned 24 on the 9th. The day of my birthday, I went to hang out with my partner at his place with a couple of mutual friends and had an absolute blast. I like my birthdays to be extremely chill, but I also like to celebrate by going out and doing something, and to go to his place to chill and turn up was really all I ever wanted. The birthday festivities didn’t stop there! That weekend, he took me to Poughkeepsie and when I tell you that was the best weekend of my life, I really mean it. If you’ll like to read in detail about my trip to Poughkeepsie, here’s the link to that travel diary. All in all, my 24th birthday has had to of been one of the best birthdays I had in a couple of years. I’m glad; a good birthday typically means I’ll have a good year, so let’s see if 2018 still carries this great energy!

4.) “Come on, Wig!”


Yes, I purchased a wig. Wigs are becoming more and more socially acceptable that I finally felt comfortable going on the internet to buy one to test it out. I bought a simple cheap synthetic one just to try it out, and when I say this wig slays, she slays. Now obviously the wig has its flaws and I’m still contemplating whether or not I’ll wear this outside in public, but for the price, the wig is wearable and not cheap looking. After trying on the wig and using my real hair to create the natural hairline in this picture, I realized that I want my hair to go as long as it looks in this picture. Long hair works wonders for me because not only does it make me feel more like myself, but it definitely helps frame my face a lot better than the short hair I’m rocking. I still love my short hair, but I’m ready for it to grow this long. Maybe in a couple of years? Who knows.

5.) Journal


If you think the L stands for Liz, you’re wrong. It stands for loser. I’m kidding. My mother gifted me this journal for Christmas and since the start of the year, I’ve been using it as a daily journal. Yep, I finally got back to daily journaling! It’s a lot smaller than the one I kept back in 2016, but I forgot just how helpful and therapeutic writing in a journal is. So far, it’s been really helpful in organizing my thoughts even though I’ve missed a couple of days in the past month already. It’s the thought that counts, right?!

And that’s that! Here’s to February!


-Liz. (:

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