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SAS: Resolutions are NOT Short-Term Goals. (1/6/18)

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Hey, guys – welcome back to TNTH!

So, before you guys read the title and say “uh, Liz, what the hell are you talking about?!”, let me explain what I mean by it. It’s not what you think it is.

So, as we officially end the first week of 2018, many of us have resolutions that we are attempting to follow and achieve. Resolutions sound optimistic and promising on New Year’s Eve, but once the new year actually rings around, we don’t have that same enthusiasm we once had in the previous year. We all feel like if we didn’t accomplish our resolutions six days into the new year, we failed. Then, we all just shrug our shoulders and say, “there’s always next year!”

The problem with resolutions is that most people make resolutions that aren’t short-term goals. We all say that we want to lose weight or we want to save up money for a vacation; things that take time and dedication to achieve. Just because we eat that one cheeseburger for dinner one night or if we spend money to buy that new iPhone, it doesn’t mean you automatically failed your resolution.

Many of us have this assumption that if we make a new year’s resolution, it will automatically apply once we hit the new year. Resolutions don’t work like that and that’s why many people tend to stop going to the gym once the first three weeks of January are over. We don’t give our resolutions enough time to actually become something. We treat resolutions like they are short-term goals when in reality, they aren’t. Resolutions can be short-term; resolutions can be as small as drinking a bottle of water every day or water the plants every morning. Those type of resolutions are usually called habits, and many of us believe even the littlest things can’t be resolutions.

Instead, we make long-term resolutions and treat them like they are short-term ones. We give up on them too easily when in reality, we aren’t taking them as seriously as they are.

I didn’t make crazy resolutions for 2018 because most of my resolutions for 2017 did not go as planned. I fell into the “make unrealistic resolutions and try to achieve them anyway” lifestyle, and most of my resolutions fell apart when something major happened in my life that year. Resolutions are made because you want to better yourself and make your year a good and productive one; they are not the problem solvers of life. Life will happen, and it’s up to you if you allow it to defeat your mission of bettering yourself or make you even more determined to better yourself.

So, if you’ve given up already on your resolutions or if you didn’t make any because you find it hard to keep them throughout the year, start off by making your resolutions short-term. When you feel like you can keep them, then start thinking about the bigger and longer ones that teach you lessons about life or help you get through the year. Resolutions are hard work, but they aren’t impossible to keep.

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My 2018 resolution is to simply be happy. Nothing more, nothing less. I know that this resolution is a long-term one, and I know not every day in 2018 is going to leave me happy at the end of the day. I am going to be sad, I am going to be nervous, I am going to be anxious, I am going to be an entire spectrum of emotions. I know that being happy is going to take a lot of personal work, and because I know these things, I know that this resolution can be kept and accomplished by the end of it.

I mean hey, we got 359 days to make things right.


-Liz. (:

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