Weekly Life Updates

Weekly Update! (12/11 – 12/17)

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Hey guys, welcome back to TNTH!

It’s literally been ages since I wrote a weekly update on TNTH, but ya girl has to fill up some space nevertheless for TNTHmas, so I figured I’d recap my week.

This week has been a really rough one. One of the toughest ones I had in a long time.

If you read Day One of TNTHmasyou guys will know that I’ve been dealing with an immense amount of anxiety and depression that has been building up in me for the last year, and this week I’ve been living in its puddle of shame and guiltiness for everything that’s been happening. Honestly, there’s just a lot of stuff going on that is overwhelming, and it made me shut down a couple of times before. But, I know once I hand in my final papers in a couple of days, I should feel more relaxed and straight-minded.

Speaking of school, my last day of class was on Tuesday and I can’t believe that I made it through another semester. I seriously have one more before I graduate and I am so not ready for the shit-ride next semester is going to put me through. It’s just going to feel good to know that this lifestyle I am living as a grad student will be over soon and I could say that I did that shit.

Lastly, I am wrapping up my papers so that in the break I have from now until the end of January, I can do some revaluation on myself and begin 2018 on a better note. These next couple of weeks I just want to take walks every single day and embrace everything around me. I want to set goals regarding my thesis so that by the end of January, my thesis is intact and just needs to be tweaked and polished up. I want to have my head on so tightly that nothing can bring me down. I am ready to press restart.

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying TNTHmas! There’s definitely a lot more to come; we still have an entire week left! See you tomorrow for day five!


-Liz. (:

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