TNTH being postponed.

Hi guys.

I just wanted to inform this tiny community on TNTH about something extremely important and to let you know that all posts scheduled for next week are postponed until further notice.

My family and I are going through something very serious, and I need the time away from the blog to be there with them in this dire need of time.

Whether you’re close to me to know what’s going on, or simply just a reader on the blog, I assure you that this hiccup and turn of unfortunate events will make me stronger and those currently involved as well.

As of right now, we all need time to pass such a shocking hit in the face.

I want to thank you all for following me on this journey through this blog, and I know you guys will be more than understanding during this time. 

Because of this, I will always live my life being as happy as possible. I will always appreciate the little things, and will always try to be my strongest for people who can’t.

Sometimes, it’s moments like this when we realize what’s really important in life.

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