Throwback Thursdays

#TBT: Let it Snow!

This is going to be a different kind of #TBT post. Originally, I wasn’t going to post one today (as said in the 1st Month Milestone blog post, but I figured that since ironically today is a snow day, I found some pictures of a snowstorm that happened 7 years ago on this exact day.

Yeah, it’s freaky.

On February 9th, 2010, this happened. School was closed this day, and it was the second biggest snowfall of the year (the biggest one being December 27th, 2010).

I live down the block from my old junior high school, and around this time, me and my junior high school friends occasionally will still go to the schoolyard to hang out with each other. This day, we decided to meet up at the school this specific day, which was the first time I personally went out during a snowstorm with my friends.

Nevertheless, it was really fun.

Like any set of teenagers, we had snowball fights, we built not so good snowmen, and I think I recall Lissette and Juan actually making snow angels at one point… correct me if I’m wrong.

We weren’t out there long because the snow was getting more intense and the temperatures were quickly dropping, but even then we had a good time.

During one of the snowball fights, I was trying to run away from my friends, and of course, I get a snowball thrown at me by Lissette. What actually happened though was yeah, she threw a snowball at me, but me being really stupid, my big mouth was open and she threw the snowball straight towards my mouth.

Guys, snow is the absolute disgusting thing ever.

I remember we were all dying of laughter while I was trying really hard to spit all the snow in my mouth without actually swallowing anything. I know it’s definitely something that we were all remember when we think about this damn day.

I also remember a day after this, I went to Obie’s house for the first time and the snow was also just as messy as hell. I mean, it was fun just hanging out with him outside of a school setting for the first time. That’s weird to say that it was the first time ever hanging out with him because now his place is like my second home. 

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys this little #TBT on this snow day we had in 2010, and I hope everyone enjoys this snow and their day off, whether it be school or work.

-Liz (:

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