Dear Trump Supporters,

This is who you supported and voted for on November 8th, 2016.

You support an incompetent man with absolute no knowledge about government, foreign policy, homeland security, and pretty much everything that qualities one to become the President of the States.

You support a racist, who believes that “walls” and “entry bans” against a stereotype of groups of people to “make America great again”, when really, that’s the most un-American thing one can possibly do.

You support a misogynist who thinks that “grabbing women by the pussy” is simple “locker room talk” when in reality he’s been accused for sexually harassing 12 younger women. You also supported his thought process of putting Women’s Rights to question as if women are not actual human beings that need a white man to tell them what to do with their bodies.

You support a man who chose a homophobic man as the Vice President, a man who still believes homosexuality is a sin and that “conversion therapy” (aka electroshock therapy) is the way to make homosexuality “disappear”.

You support a man-child, one who goes on Twitter to complain about protests and marches against his orders like a fucking 13-year-old boy, rather than actually run the fucking country? I mean, our best bet is Baron Trump running our country if that’s the case.

Saddest of all, you support a monster, which makes you a monster.

Ask yourself this question: Does my President (because he sure as hell isn’t mine) care about me? Am I a white, middle-class, straight Christian man? If I’m not any of those things, and all these executive orders are being signed that may affect me, KNOWING HE WAS GOING TO DO THIS, then why did I vote Donald Trump as my President and support his campaign?

My best bet, is that you couldn’t handle there being a woman President. You couldn’t handle the fact that a couple of emails tainted your mind, knowing that she has been involved in government for years, took on various positions of office, and was more qualified and put together to become the next President. I’m not overshadowing one scandal to expose another, but let’s be real now.

I have friends, because I go to a school in a borough where Republicans dominate, who support Donald Trump. If you are reading this and feel a certain way about what I say, at least you’ve acknowledged just how much of a dumbass you are and good for you for realizing that this is about you.

I am not one to indulge in politics; I am not qualified to get into every detail about this whole nightmare because I try my best to stray away from the negativity that comes out of it. It’s hard to not look and read about the reality about what’s going on in our world. There are protests at Airports because they are already denying access to Muslims from seven middle-eastern countries, even if they are a green card holder/obtain a visa. It saddens me to see shared posts about people, especially college students like myself, who visited their families at these countries for winter break, now knowing they can’t return to their normal lives back in the US because of this ban.

So, Trump Supporters – I have one more thing to ask of you.

Where are you guys? Those same “All Lives Matter” people who only chanted that when Black Lives were being threatened; where are you guys? Do Muslim Lives not matter? Mexican Lives? Women Lives? LGBT Lives? What happened to all of you guys?

You’re nowhere to be found at a time like this because simply, you don’t care to be bothered. “If it doesn’t apply to me, then I don’t need to worry about it!” Right?  

Heh. I’m done with you guys. If you feel offended by any means necessary about the things that I said in this post, then your part of the problem. 


To those who are beautifully diverse, cultured, unified, and brave:

I know this is a scary time to witness. You may feel like giving up and let this man ruin everything that America really stands for. It’s easy to throw the towel in and live each day in fear until 2020. You may feel like there’s no hope.

Please, take care of each other and take care of yourself.

Know that you have a voice for a reason. If you feel like there’s nothing you can physically do, spread the word to those who can. Let news outlets cover your story, whether if it’s completely bias or not, at least it’s being put out there. Be united with those who are determined to change and challenge the horrible things this man is trying to quickly do to our country. Talk about it, let your voice be heard by all means necessary. Let those who are primarily being targeted that you will help fight for them.

Be united in a world where unity will slowly diminish in these next four years.

Fuck those who tell you otherwise.

Oh, and one more thing for all my Trump supporters: fuck you.


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