The Teenage Tell-Tale.

The Teenage Party Invitation: A Scene.

Education Officials Balk At Scott's Latest Plan For School Savings In  Vermont | Vermont Public Radio

The bell rings and in come the students from the hallway to start their day. The students are chatty, sitting in their circle of friends. Among those students coming into the classroom are Milo and Mollie. Mollie looks around the classroom to find an empty area where her and her best friend can sit and hang out. Once she does, she walks towards the empty desks. Milo follows behind her.

Mollie: I’m so not looking forward to today, like what monster gives their class a test on a Friday? That’s just cruel.

Milo looks towards the door when the group of popular kids comes into the classroom. He spots Sophie trailing behind the group.

Mollie: Milo?

Milo continues to look at the group. Sophie spots him and faintly smiles. He does the same back.

Mollie: *louder* Hello? Earth to Milo?

Milo spins his head around towards Mollie, finally hearing that she was calling for him.

Milo: Huh?

Mollie rolls her eyes at Milo.

Mollie: You’re not even listening to me.

Milo: Sorry, I was just… thinking.

Mollie: When are you not?

The classroom continues to be chatty until Laurie gets up from her seat and faces the class.

Laurie: Good Morning, Class 830! Now as you may all know, it’s Halloween season and like every year, I will be having a costume party! It’s invite only, so if you get one; congrats, you’re invited to the best Halloween party of Beverly Junior High!

Laurie begins to walk around the classroom to hand out invitations. Everyone in her friend group, including Sophie, gets an invitation to the party. A couple of other kids get invites as well and before the teacher comes in, she is out of invitations. Both Milo and Mollie don’t have invitations.

Laurie: Remember that there’s a costume contest so everyone wear your best costume!

As Laurie goes back to her seat, the teacher attempts to quiet down the class to start off the day. Mollie is visibly annoyed.

At recess, Milo is in a music practice room tuning his guitar while Mollie sits on the ground tossing a toy ball in her hands.

Mollie: I don’t get it, why does everyone wanna go to Laurie’s dumb Halloween party in the first place? Like, it’s Laurie for fuck’s sake.

Milo: Because she’s popular, Mol. Getting an invite from Laurie is like getting an invitation from the President.

Mollie: Well it’s fucking stupid. She always does this shit to prove her point on her popularity but like, people are just using her.

Milo: Let them use her then if that’s what she wants.

Mollie looks at Milo, who is concentrated on tuning his guitar.

Mollie: You’re doing guitar or drums for the audition?

Milo: *focused* Guitar.

Mollie: Dude *sits up* You should totally do drums instead. Like yeah, guitar’s all cool and shit, but you know how many people are probably going to audition with guitar?

Milo takes in Mollie’s words for consideration. Mollie takes out a piece of gum to chew on.

Suddenly, the practice room door opens, and Sophie pauses and realizes Milo isn’t alone in the room. She quickly closes the door. Mollie looks at the door, and then back at Milo, who is now nervous and worried.

Mollie: Was that one of Laurie’s minions?

Milo doesn’t know how to respond to Mollie.

Mollie: *annoyed* Milo?

Milo: *finally answers* She probably got confused in the rooms… you know how dumb those girls are.

Mollie laughs; Milo hates the fact that he said that about Sophie. He packs his things up and gets ready to leave. Mollie notices.

Mollie: Dude, where’re you going?

Milo doesn’t answer; he just leaves the music room.

Milo sits in the tree-house with drumsticks, mindlessly practicing on a rubber drum rim. A couple of moments later, he hears rocks being thrown up at the tree-house. He looks out of the window to see Sophie standing there. She makes her way up the ladder towards the tree-house.

Milo: What brings you over, Scout?

Sophie: I was meaning to talk to you today during recess, but it seems like you and Mollie were hanging out.

Milo: Yeah, sometimes she’ll come with me to hang.

Sophie nods her head.

Milo: So, whatcha wanted to ask me?

Sophie: Oh! Right; did you get an invite to Laurie’s party?

Milo: *laughs* Really?

Sophie: What?

Milo: I never get invited to anything Laurie does. She sorta hates me and Mollie.

Sophie frowns and Milo takes note of it quickly.

Milo: …why?

Sophie: It’s… nothing. It just would’ve been cool to see you there, you know?

Milo doesn’t say anything. He watches Sophie take out a notebook from her backpack.

Sophie: So, for Monday’s Math test…

Milo takes out his notebook from his bag and begins to study with Sophie. He admires her concentration on her notebook and the way she talks when she is explaining mathematical problems. He follows her directions step-by-step to solving the math equations.

Milo: How did… How did you get so good at Math?

Sophie: Pardon me?

Milo: Like… how did you get so good in Math like you’re probably one of the only people in the class that gets it.

Sophie: *laughs* I study. Also, my mum is a mathematics professor.

Milo: *shocked* Really?

Sophie: *nods her head* She was teaching in Oxford back in the UK but picked up a job at Columbia University.

Milo: That’s… amazing.

Sophie: I guess. It was always easy for me to pick up math. It’s just a whole thing of numbers that need solving in steps.

Milo: No, no, no. it’s not as easy as you’re making it.

Sophie: *laughs* It’s not?

Milo: It’s not! I mean why in the world do we need to know y=mx+b? Like when am I going to use that in life?

Sophie laughs. Milo smiles at her.

Sophie: Okay, maybe you’re right.

Milo: Milo Kamalani always speaks the facts!

Sophie smiles and turns the page of her textbook. Milo does the same and Sophie continues to study with Milo in the tree-house.

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