Blogust 2020: The Series, Creative Pieces

Day 20: Too *Quickly*, Too Late – A Scene.

Finally satisfied with my bedroom set up. : malelivingspace ...

Someone’s vibrating phone on the night stand wakes up the person closest to it. The man reaches out to it, picks it up, and tiredly turns off the alarm. The man rubs his eyes and stares at the ceiling. Micah’s dreadlocks bun is knotted on the top of his head, and when he sits up on the bed, he notices someone is sleeping next to him.

A girl with brown curly hair, flushed skin, and a pregnant belly sleeps besides him. It’s Rosie. Flashbacks of the previous night play in his head; he’s making out with Rosie, she moans to Micah mouth whenever the kisses deepened, which drove him crazy. He began undressing Rosie and–

Micah’s thoughts vanish once he sees Rosie turn around in her sleep. He smiles and looks at Rosie; he never seen Rosie this calm and soft before. Her cheeks are blushed pink, her freckles are even more visible, and her lips are red from the kissing last night. He attempts to quietly get out of his bed to let Rosie sleep for a little while. He grabs his robe from behind the door and quietly walks out and closes the door.

He goes to the kitchen and grabs the coffee pot from the counter. He sees the time on his phone that says it’s nearly noon, but he’s addicted to coffee, and he needs it no matter what time he gets up. He sets everything up and once the coffee is brewing, his phone rings. It’s one of his best friends, Daniella.

Micah: *picks up and puts the phone on speaker* What’s up, Campbell?

Daniella: Did you just wake up, Micah?

Micah: It’s Saturday, what do you expect?

Daniella: Man, you literally have the worst memory. We agreed on lunch the other day; you, Rosie, Tanner and me? Remember?

Micah mouthes “fuck”; he totally forgot.

Micah: Can we postpone it or something? I had a long night & clearly I just woke up…

Daniella: You couldn’t text us last night or something?!

Micah: Dani, I forgot, what do you want me to do?!

The doorbell rings.

Micah: Listen I’ll call you back later, someone is at the door…

Micah quickly hangs up the phone and walks to the door to answer it. He opens it up and to his surprise, it’s Daniella and Tanner.

Daniella: Someone has horrible phone etiquette.

She walks into the apartment, while Tanner greets Micah.

Tanner: Hey, man, sorry about Dani.

Daniella: *turns around* Don’t apologize for me! This asshole always forgets that we have plans whenever he had “a long night”.

Micah: *facepalms in frustration* Cut the shit, Dani.

Daniella: *to Tanner* You know when I stayed with Micah for a week when I was in between apartments after graduating college, the amount of new girls I’ve seen coming out of his bedroom with him wearing that same grey bathrobe was literally in dozens.]

Micah: Look I said I was sorry! You’re here anyway so lemme just get dressed.

Daniella: Is Rosie here?

Fuck. Rosie. The girl laying completely naked in his bed.

Micah: I think so, I haven’t seen her all morning…

Daniella rolls her eyes and sits on the sofa. Tanner calmly sits down next to her, a bit uncomfortable in Daniella’s annoyed behavior.

Daniella: I hope she isn’t here, I mean she already almost beat the shit out of you for bringing Kalia back here like a month ago, imagine a whole new skank…

Micah can’t help himself but laugh; if only she knew.

Micah: There’s coffee in the pot, I just made it if you guys want some.

To avoid going into his room and waking Rosie, he takes a turn into the bathroom and walks near the laundry area. He opens the dryer and takes out a shirt and a pair of cargo pants to put on. Wrinkled, but at least they’re clean.

He returns back to the living room around to find Tanner and Daniella talking amongst themselves. When they realize Micah standing there, they put their attention on him.

Daniella: You don’t own an iron or something?

Micah: *to Tanner* Control your woman, man.

Daniella gets up from the sofa and begins to argue with Micah. Micah and Daniella have known each other since they were babies and even though it seems like they hate each other’s guts, they will always have each other’s support when needed. They are more brother and sister than friends.

Tanner stands between them playing the role of peacemaker, but his introvert personality can not stop the strong personalities that’s Daniella and Micah. The only thing that can stop the fight is the person who is standing in the doorway of the living room with nothing but a t-shirt on; Micah’s t-shirt to be exact.

Rosie: Babe, everything okay, I–

She screams when she sees Tanner and Daniella in the living room with Micah. Micah looks at Rosie like their biggest secret has just come out of the bag. His guest look at Rosie with shock in their eyes. Rosie feels exposed, and just stands there trying to cover up her body. Daniella even notices a bruise-like hickey on Rosie’s thigh, which makes her rub her eyes in shock.

Rosie runs in the direction of the bathroom, her nervousness and morning sickness coming in play.

Micah: Roe!

It’s too late; the door slams shut. Micah squeezes his eyes shut until he turns around to face Tanner and Daniella. They are still visibly shocked.

Micah: So I guess Roe got home last night, huh?

Tanner & Daniella: Oh my god!

Micah tries to shut both of them up; he knows Rosie is probably feeling a wave of embarrassment, and he feels horrible for letting her be sick alone in the bathroom.

He runs to the bathroom to take care of Rosie first before anything.

A little later…

Micah is standing outside of the deck smoking a cigarette. He takes in the sunny view of the nature, getting his head back on straight.

Tanner walks out on the deck and stands next to Micah. He looks at him while Micah keeps looking forward.

Tanner: I’m sorry about Dani’s behavior today. You know how she is with you.

Micah: Listen, me & Dani wouldn’t have been friends if we weren’t constantly wanting to kill each other. Plus, she hates when I forget or cancel plans. I should’ve known she was going to spazz out.

Tanner: Listen, Dani just cares about you, bro, and she just wants the best for you. You know she is willing to slap a bitch that plays you or something, like an older sis.

Micah: She’s literally only 6 months older than me.

Tanner: But she was born in 2017, you were born in 2018 so technically she’ll always be a year older than you.

Micah side-eyes Tanner and then laughs. He puts out his cigarette and takes a deep breath.

Tanner: So, when are you quitting?

Micah: Quitting what?

Tanner: *points to ashtray* That. You can’t be smoking around a baby, y’know…

Micah looks at Tanner in thought. Tanner has always been the type of friend to subliminally say things to get a conversation going. Micah knows Tanner is dying to talk about what happened not too long ago.

Micah: If this is your way of getting some details on Roe and I, then I suggest you try again.

Tanner: *lets it out* Bro, Rosie Delgado?! You slept with Rosie “she’s-my-best-friend-and-nothing-else” Delgado?

Micah lets out a sigh. Tanner will never let him live this down.

Micah: Tanner, I didn’t-

Tanner: *keeps going* Like don’t get me wrong, me and Dani were literally begging on when you and Rosie were going to finally hit it off but damn like you guys honestly just jumped the gun and did y’all motherfuckin’ thing, like-

Micah: Yo, Tanner, breathe!

Tanner takes a deep breath in and coughs at the lack of air he had when he was talking.

Micah: Look, I- I don’t want to make her feel embarrassed or exposed. It just, sort of happened.

Tanner: You guys have been living together for nearly six months now – what happened this time?

Micah: Tanner…

Tanner: Listen, I know you don’t wanna get into detail, but like, you guys were forcing this “we’re just friends” thing to all of us. Unless you guys are friends with benefits which honestly, I doubt you’ll be considering how much you love her–

Micah: She said she loved me back.

Tanner stops talking and hears what Micah just said. He’s in shock.

Tanner: Are you guys a couple now?

Micah: We never got to discuss any of it. We just… did the thing and here we are, both exhausted due to lack of sleep with you here and Dani probably trying to get some details out of Roe right now.

Tanner: *out of excitement* Was it good?

Micah: *taken back* Bro–

Tanner: I know she’s different and special, but it’s just guy talk! You know we both always gotta go to each other and talk about it!

Micah stares over the deck and starts smiling. He thinks back at the night he spent with Rosie. The thought is pleasant until he hears Tanner talking at the wrong moment.

Tanner: I heard that pregrant women are insanely good in bed…

Micah: Tanner, are we really talking about this?! Come on…

Tanner: What?! That’s what I heard! I mean, I never had sex with a pregnant woman but like, oof, whenever Dani and I decide to have kids and she’s pregnant…

Micah: *facepalms* Oh my god, if I answer your damn question will you drop this topic, please?

Tanner laughs as well as Micah; they’re honestly bros for life.

Micah: Man, I mean… when I say it was, like, *emphasizes* amazing…

Tanner shoves Micah in excitement, Micah laughs at his reaction.

Tanner: Was she the best?

Micah looks at Tanner as Tanner looks at him, waiting for the answer. Micah presses his lips together and then looks towards the door.

Micah: I wonder what the girls are doing…

Tanner shouts excitedly and jumps around: he knows the answer to Micah’s question. Micah shyfully covers his face and his smile. Tanner will be the death of him.

Meanwhile, the girls inside the apartment are rather quiet; Daniella is sitting across from Rosie, helping her put makeup on. Rosie doesn’t say anything at first until Daniella starts the conversation.

Daniella: So, the morning sickness still happens on regular?

Rosie: Yeah, she clearly likes to torture me…

Daniella stops what she’s doing and she excitedly looks at Rosie.

Daniella: You’re having a girl?

Rosie: I thought Micah would’ve told you guys by now–

Daniella grabs Rosie and hugs her; Rosie is taken back by it.

Daniella: Oh my god! I’m so excited for you, girl! You already know Aunt Dani will be here braiding her hair and painting her nails and dressing her up, and letting her know how to handle these fuckboys!

Rosie laughs at Daniella. Rosie and Daniella are only friends because of Micah and although Rosie learned the hard way that your friends’ friends aren’t your friends, Daniella is different. In some way, Daniella defends Rosie more than she does Micah and maybe that’s because she knows how much Rosie means to Micah. She appreciates the friendship she has with Daniella.

Daniella continues to apply makeup on Rosie.

Daniella: I mean, she’ll probably won’t be able to date until she’s in her 30’s anyway having a dad like Micah.

Rosie blushes at the thought of Micah being a father to her daughter. Daniella notices.

Daniella: Girl, I know I didn’t apply blush to your face yet. Look at you getting all flustered on the idea of Daddy Micah!

Rosie swallows hard and coughs when her saliva goes down the wrong pipe. Daniella laughs and coos at Rosie.

Rosie: Dani, you are the absolute worst.

Daniella: Girl you love me, but the next time you and Micah decide to have sex with each other, make sure he doesn’t have plans the next day, especially with us. This time I’ll let you guys pass, but now you guys know better.

Rosie: I totally forgot we even made those plans in the first place, really it’s my fault.

Daniella: *stops for a second* Are you telling me you made the first move on him?

Rosie: *nervously* I- I did.

Daniella dramatically drops the makeup brush on the coffee table.

Daniella: Rosie! Girl!

Rosie: It was just the heat of the moment, I asked him if he loved me like he said at the hospital and when he said yes, I- I guess it was just confirmation.

Daniella: Did you say it back?

Rosie: I-

Daniella: I’m not gonna hate you if you didn’t, but like Micah has been in love with you forever, so…

Rosie’s train of thought stops.

Rosie: Really? He’s said that to you?

Daniella: He always tried to play it off because the last time he told us he was in love with someone, it was with that Kalia bitch and I guess he didn’t want to put it out in the air that he was in love with you but honestly, me and Tanner always had a feeling. He then told us the night you were admitted in the hospital.

Rosie is taken back by all of this information. Her and Micah have always been close, but why was Micah so afraid to even tell her how he felt? Was he afraid of rejection? Did he have second thoughts every time she would pick up dates for money or date the asshole who knocked her up? Did he question if he really loved her?

Maybe it’s her time to put it out in the air as well.

Rosie: I did tell him. I was even the one that kissed him first.

Daniella looks at Rosie. She smiles like a proud mama. She continues to finish up Rosie’s makeup with mascara.

Daniella: Was it that mind-blowing “we just both said I love you to each other” all-nighter sex?

Rosie moves away in shock and the mascars brush pokes her in the eye; she yells in pain. Daniella drops the mascara brush on the floor and tries to help Rosie while also repeating “sorry”. The deck door swings open and Micah comes rushing in with Tanner behind him.

Micah: Is everything okay?!

He goes to Rosie to see if she if she’s okay. She removes her hand from her eye, it’s fine but just a little watery.

Rosie: I’m fine, I moved when Dani was putting on mascara; it’s totally okay.

Micah holds Rosie’s chin and examines her eye. He gets distracted by her beauty.

Daniella: *crosses her arms and addresses Tanner* Hey babe, remember when we swooned over each other like that when we first started dating?

Both Micah and Rosie break their stare and both turn their heads at Daniella.

Micah & Rosie: What?!

— The End —

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