Weekly Life Updates

Hello, 23! (And hello readers!)

Happy Birthday to me, and to the official launch of TNTH!

If you’re here, thank you so much in advance for checking this out. It means the absolute world to me knowing that people are clicking the blog link to come check out what’s this new and spontaneous thing that I kept talking about for days straight. This really was something that came up outta the blue, and I decided to go ahead and try it.

So, here I am. (:

In the near future, I will be developing a schedule of the days that I post and what you can look forward to on those specific days! It might change in a few weeks due to school starting soon (and grad school literally eats up all my free time), but I will try my best to keep up with the schedule that I’m anticipating.

So yeah, I guess that’s pretty much it, and I’ll let you guys check it out! 😀

-Liz (:

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