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Victon’s 7th Mini Album, “Chaos” Album Review! 🍷

Dear, guys – welcome back to Letters From Liz!

You already know that whenever you see an album review on the blog, it’s because Victon made a comeback! So, within the ALICE community, we were speculating a comeback literally any day now. The boys were getting busier with schedules, they were being a little more secretive than usual, and when they performed “Time of Sorrow” on MCountdown as a special stage, both Seungsik and Hanse were rocking some new hair. As a kpop stan, that truly means one thing: a group is prepping for a comeback! So when it was announced in early May that they were making a comeback, it didn’t come as a major surprise to us because we were preparing for it. Victon’s last comeback was in January with their 3rd Single Album, Chronograph; the group’s first comeback in a year since their 1st Full Album, VOICE: The future is now and the first in their “Time Trilogy” series. Chaos will be the second in the time trilogy, and the group’s first mini-album since March 2020 when they released their 6th Mini Album, Continuous.

Anyway without further ado, here is a very biased album review of Victon’s latest release: Chaos.

1.) “Stupid O’Clock”

Okay, so the first time they announced that a song like “Stupid O’Clock” would be their title track, I was a little taken aback! With further explanation (and google), apparently “stupid o’clock” is another way of calling something extremely early or late. Also, are we really surprised; this is Victon’s Time Trilogy we are talking about. Anyway, this is a really strong title track; it’s not too loud or in your face, and the chorus is insanely catchy; you hear it a complete of times and you’ll find yourself singing to it. The song features a funky bassline that I feel has been Victon’s new sound; it was also present in their b-side, “Want Me” (which totally makes sense in how they said this was like a hint to their next comeback). The lyrics are sexy, to say the least, with the chorus starting off with “Cuz you’re mine” and “I’ll make you dream all night” and again, that funky bass that screams a little bad boy sex appeal.

I honestly think this song can go viral; the dance to the song is simple, and the song is not hard to follow lyric-wise. Following this new sound that Victon has adapted into their title tracks, I feel like this has the potential to break some of their previous records and get a music show win! Manifesting that into the universe. Oh, and Seungsik starts off the song, so you already know it’s a fucking banger.

2.) “Bonnie and Clyde”

Today during their showcase, Victon revealed that this song was a contender for being the title track, which I totally understand. Personally, I’m glad it wasn’t just because the music reminds me a lot of how “Chronograph” is, but needless to say, this is a fun song. I really love Byungchan’s and Sejun’s voices in the chorus; you don’t think the beat would take a turn like that in the chorus but it works! Also, Hanse’s rap sounds so playful on this track; it’s really fun to just dance to this song. The lyrics are your typical “us against the world” type of vibe, reckless type of love thing, y’know? Although this song is crazy good, it’s not within my top 3 favorites (yet).

3.) “INK”

This is another song where the guitar makes you scrunch your face in disgust because it’s just so dirty. Also, excuse my dirty mind but without English translations to these songs, I would’ve assumed the lyric “love ink” was, well… Anyway! I very much do feel like Hanse was correct; this is his and Seungsik’s song because with Hanse’s rap and style of this song and Seungsik’s belt-like choruses, this song is good! Again, this isn’t my favorite off of the album (it’s perhaps my least favorite?) but I know with a few visits, I’ll be screaming “love ink” like it’s nothing and rapping over Subin’s “Why you calling for me? What you wanting from me?” in no time. The lyrics, though, are very clever with the wordplay and art. It’s a cool song and the sound is very different from what we are used to hearing from Victon!

4.) “Stay”

So, this song has been stuck in my head since I first listened to it and declared it my favorite b-side on this album! This song very much has a classic Victon sound to it, but still, it fits the mature concept they are going for. This is a sweet song to listen to, and can we talk about how we need more Chan intros to songs like his voice starting this song was the right choice to start off this vibe! Although this is Victon’s 4th song with the word “Stay” in it, the lyrics to this song are basically talking about someone you really like and you just want them to “stay, stay for a minute”. I love Seungsik’s little background vocal of “Stay!” that comes in after the chorus; it’s so cute and so fitting for him! It’s definitely on repeat and will most likely be for the entire summer.

5.) “In Love”

I didn’t think I would like this song as I much as I do, but I’m so glad I proved myself wrong! Y’all, don’t sleep on this song. This song is so light and beautiful and honestly, if Victon doesn’t sing this song at someone’s wedding, I will scream. This song, without being too obvious, is about two people being in love. Also, our maknae (youngest in the group) Subin co-wrote the lyrics to this song! He tends to always write the sweetest lyrics for Victon, I swear! This song is complete comfort; it warms you up inside and makes you smile all stupid; it’s your everyday love song. Seungsik’s high note at the bridge literally warmed me up when I first heard it. Not trying to be completely biased but he just did it so flawlessly and it was simply beautiful. If you think this song will make you cry, just wait until the last track is played.

6.) “Dear. young”

So, I really didn’t want to be a person in this fandom that was like “omg I feel this song on so many levels like it made me cry so hard!” But here we are… I cried on the bus from work when I heard this song. In a nutshell, “Dear. young” is a letter to their younger selves, to let them know that they thank them for all they endured in their younger days. It hurts, even more, to know that Seungsik wrote this song, but all 6 members really did this song so much justice. It’s a beautiful ballad and a beautiful way to end the album. Of course, having Subin sing the lyrics “dear young days, me I wanna say thank you” literally made me sob. A song hasn’t hit me this hard in the feels in so long; perhaps it’s because I understand wanting to thank your younger self for enduring everything life has thrown at them and to make them the person they are today. I cried, and it’s still a song that continues to make me cry when I listen to it… stay tuned for a “Dear. young” tattoo because she’s coming.

All in all, this album exceeded my expectations in all honesty. I am so glad these boys were able to release another mini album because let’s be real, it’s been long overdue since their last one! This comeback in particular, though, makes me miss Seungwoo. Hanse said it best at the showcase; he thought about Seungwoo a lot in the process of this album because it very much would’ve suited him! Hopefully, we can get one last OT7 comeback before, well, if you know, you know.

I hope this comeback is fun and cool and successful and that all the members stay healthy and hydrated! I can only imagine how difficult it is to do a summer comeback.

Victon fighting! See you guys for the finale of the Time Trilogy!

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