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Happy 2nd Birthday, TNTH! 🎂

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Happy Birthday, TNTH! And happy birthday to me as well!

Two years ago, we officially launched TNTH. That’s crazy. A lot has happened in two years: Memes were made, grad school was completed, Donald Trump became our dumbass president… but besides some negatives along the way, a lot of great things have happened, and starting TNTH was one of the greatest decisions I impulsively made at midnight one night.

I didn’t think TNTH would last, to be honest, and I think I mentioned this last year on its one-year anniversary post as well. To be honest, I didn’t have that much faith in myself keeping up with a blog that I only first started to keep me busy during my semester breaks of grad school. But as I started writing and posting and seeing that even a tenth of my content was resonating with some of you guys, I felt like my voice was relatable, and finally heard after not being so for a very long time.

So many great series’ has come out of TNTH: We did “Twelve Days of TNTHmas” for the last two holiday seasons, we daily-blogged the entire month of August and called it “The Blogust Series“, we have kept “Self-Appreciation Saturday” running ever since TNTH’s earliest days, we started to document some travels in “The Travel Diaries“, and we made “A Voiceless Rant” some of the rawest and most personal pieces of writing I’ve ever shared to the world. Of course, some things come and go and some just never came back, but TNTH will always have the same mission that it had even when I first started posting on here.

TNTH, in its simplest form, is just a platform of positivity, good vibes, and honesty. We speak our minds to show others just how empowering and brave it is to share personal stories and struggles to the world. We make sure that nothing is censored or limited to our audience because some of the issues we discuss are some of the issues we need to be speaking publicly about. TNTH, for me, is my voice in its purest form. My writing will always be a good representation of what my voice sounds like, and even though it may not sound so put together in person, I can at least make people listen by reading the words on this blog. My mission for TNTH is to help others discover their voices while I’m still discovering my own as a 25-year-old woman in this world.

And I, for one, will not be silenced.

So, I encourage any of you dwelling on an idea for a project to take action and at least try it out. Try to create something that you can rightfully label as your own. Whether it’s just for hobby interests or if it’s something you want to take professionally, do it. Even if you can’t handle it or don’t have the time required to continue it, at least you can say you tried it out. Let’s start making dreams into actions, shall we?

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So, Happy Birthday, TNTH. Thank you for providing me a safe space where I can be myself without repercussions. Thank you for allowing me to continue being a writer, and thank you for existing! Also, thank you for introducing the small community that is the TNTH community. It rocks!


-Liz. (:

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