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Happy Halloween! 🎃

Happy Halloween, TNTH readers!

I just wanted to stop by and share some flashbacks of previous Halloweens with my friends and family. I wish I was able to find the photos I had of us in my pre-teens (even teenage years), but this will do. Personally, I enjoyed dressing up the most on Halloween; I liked to dress up with my friends and my sister and o around the neighborhood to get all the candy we could get. Even though I don’t get to do any cool Halloween stuff anymore, I still enjoy the spoopy spirit it puts everyone in.

Have a fun and safe Halloween, everyone! 🍬

Halloween 1997: Simba
Halloween 1997: Princess Megan
Halloween 1997: Sara, Megan, and I
Halloween 1997: Trick o’ Treating.
Halloween 1998.
Halloween 1998: Angel Liz & Alien Megan
Halloween 1998: This annoying boy seriously covered my face.
Halloween 2003: Vampire Liz, Baby Megan, and Charlie the Pooh
Halloween 2015: Basic Black Cat Liz


-Liz (:

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