Happy 1st-Month of TNTH!


Hey guys, sorry for no #TBT related post today, I just wanted to take the time out on this special milestone to personally thank you all who have been supportive of me and this blog since it launched one month ago.

In celebration of the 1-month milestone, here are some of my favorite posts I published since the launch of TNTH:

Because of you guys, I’ve been able to showcase my writing and show you guys just how passionate I am of doing so. I’ve had many of you write to me personally, expressing your interest in certain posts (definitely the #TBT ones) and letting me know just how much my writing helps them. It truly means the absolute world to me to know that there are actual people viewing my content and reading what I have to say.

Unfortunately on my side of things, this month of TNTH has been quite an eye-opener for me.

Tuesday’s late-night post, Update, had me thinking about you guys. Although there aren’t many of you who relay on my activity here on TNTH, I do think about those who consistently come back every Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday read almost every post I publish. I would hate to have started something and then take it away for awhile because I second-guessed just how much work keeping up this blog would be in the gist of trying to find my identity again as a writer.

I still believe that I need to take a few weeks away from the blog to regather my ideas and thoughts on how I want to move forward as a writer. I eventually want to make TNTH bigger and better, and build up a community of readers and writers on my own. I want the content to mean more to me, I want to express myself through characters, engage with my audience by possibly taking submissions of things to write about, and actually begin showcasing my creative pieces, maybe a throwback of old pieces as well as my newer ones.

I just want to make TNTH more about me. Yeah, you would think this will be already a lot like me, but even then I feel like I’m putting up this façade to be “what a blogger is suppose to be like.”

TNTH is definitely an experiment. Content will be changing as the months go by and as for now, there are no queued posts for March. I haven’t had the time to see what I wanted to write about, but once I rethink my schedule and content, I will update you on that.

All I know is that I want to do be more creative on here. I just want to actually give a damn about what I put out there, not just because it’s something I thought would be a good idea.

I hope you all enjoy the content that is planned to be published in February, and I hope you’re excited for the content that’s yet to come.

Thank you for an amazing first month of TNTH. ♥

-Liz (:

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